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Was The Dream Meant To Save His Life, Or Convict Him?


Weird dream again. This time I'm the sister of a killed girl. I'm in the car chasing the man that I believe that was last seen with my sister. I'm yelling out my car asking him where is she, what's he's done with her. Description as I remember white, young about his mid 20's. Suddenly the dream changed, his brother is chasing me with this car. Threatening me to stay away from his brother that he didn't kill my sister. From his car, he throws me some paperwork that lands straight into my car (I know weird), I'm looking at it. I see the suspects name (but I'm real life I can't recall it) I see his description that he is Filipino, I'm looking at the man that threw me the paperwork and he does have Asian features to him, tall, dark hair, dark complexion but I cannot see his face, we are in the night. I remember asking myself. Why did he (the suspect) look white when I saw him. Something or of a hint came to me and told me that he's adopted into this Filipino family. I call the police as they get there, we are now pulled over and they let him go. I'm telling the police that they need to do something about it. They tell me that they have been working on the case but cannot prove anything. I then gave them my theory of what happened. That I think that the suspect thought she was a whore, slept with her and then he did something to her that she didn't like, making him having to kill her at the end. (Now I'm talking like she isn't my sister) as if this murder women was someone else.

Suddenly I'm in a room in front of the suspect's mother. She is telling me that her son didn't do it. That she has prayed to god for an answer to see if her son has did it or not and he has given her an answer. That the murder woman had a phone and that she made a call. (Then my alarm went off) waking me up from a dream that seemed like a night mare. Every time I get these dreams and wake up, I have chills and goose bumps reluctant to get up. I'm still with this dreadful eerie feeling. They all feel the same. Like a message that creeps me out to the core. It cannot explain it. I lay in bed contemplating to get up and still soaking up the dream in my memory as much as I can remember. I can never get used to these dreams. Every dream like these has its different effect to me and my emotions during the dream. Leaving me to feel somewhat connected to these characters each time I dream like this. I woke up asking myself what more did the mother have to tell me, regretting the fact that my alarm went off and that I can never remember their names when I wake up.

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setokaiba (22 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-13)
i think it hasent happened and you were seeing the future through somelses eyes I believe it is your destiny to save that girl and I get the feeling that this girl is very special possible psychic herself I don't know but you have to save her alone

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