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I don't claim to know much about anything but this I know. Twin flames (Twin flames, also called twin souls, are literally the other half of our soul.) have a deep relationship that goes beyond the romantic stereotypical. There's a romance but it's deeper than that, it's a connection that words cannot fully describe. I don't claim to know much about life or relationships, but from the small experiences that I've had it gave me an understanding about what a twin flame means for me. (Also I think it varies for people because we have different experiences and different lives to live.) Although I've had countless other worldly experiences I will always be a cynic. I will always try to distinguish paranormal experiences from fantasy and reality, with that said I will now tell my Twin flame experiences. To me these small experiences will lead to a bigger result.

Since I was a little girl, perhaps younger. I've always dreamed of this man that's shrouded in darkness, but as I grew up I saw him more clearly. His touch was the first thing I noticed about him, it brought this powerful energy pulse in dream, the energy pulse stroked through my heart leaving me feel almost overwhelmed. Then I would notice stuff about him in dreams. He looked Asian or Japanese, strong, serious, alpha male, always traveling, and always surrounded by friends that seems to be my friends as well. Fine clothes etc. He always initiates physical contact for some reason, and when he does I feel the strong energy pulse through me. He seems to like physical contact, which is strange because I'm opposite, I don't like physical contact in real life. He has stolen few kisses in dreams, which he initiated etc, (I have yet to be in a relationship or have been kissed at age 21, it just hasn't been my top priority.) So, a part of me just seems to be waiting for him to show. Our connection is deep as for some reason I always feel him.

As to how I came to the twin flame conclusion, I don't remember, but I do remember a dream where we were looking at each-other and his eyes spoke of unsaid emotions. I can't say that I'm in love with him since a part of me thinks he's just an illusion.

He was confirmed by a psychic, recently, by all means she shouldn't have known about him at all yet she picked up on him. I didn't even ask about him She said this: YOUR Twin Flame, he may be in the field around Amaterasu. I see ancient, samurai, elegant, and warrior. And, he is incarnated right now and looking for you, he may possibly be Asian or partially of Asian descent. Working with Amaterasu will connect you to him. I was shocked when she said this as I never told a soul about my dreams. @_@ (Still brings chills. Freaky stuff, right?)

So, recently I have been working on dealing with my emotions and health because I feel it's time to move forward and it's my time to shine. I've finally have answers to health issues. Also I may have never had a relationship, but I'm not naive. I know if you don't deal with your emotions and problems it can be destructive for a relationship as I observed from around me. And let me tell you something dealing with your demons is hard work but I am improving.

The psychic was right when she mentioned Amaterasu because I called upon the Goddess a few nights ago. So, I could see his face and I did dream about him. I've also been in tune with his emotions recently, if he does exist. I felt his desire to meet me, that was a freaky moment. (@_@) I'm quite happy with the way stuff are going, especially spiritually. I just hope if I do meet him I won't disappoint him, I know he can be so different from my dreams, but does he know? I guess time will only tell if he is my twin flame or a fantasy from a little girl.

Keep a look out for the second part because if I do meet him I will let you guys know!



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eleiriel (guest)
9 years ago (2015-03-30)
If think its worth it go for it girl:)! Love is beautiful. Me and my twin flame are working through a lot of stuff and old fears from our pasts. If you want true love you'll find it in your twin flame. Once you get over the push and pulling and chasing and runner effect. You might have work on the connection when you find each other. The fist phase is the bubble love phase where your totally excited to see each other and you are full of unconditional love. Then comes the work on trust with you twin flame. Trust me its hard. But its worth it. In my experience twin flames are the truest love you can experience. Twin flames can have a lot of jealousy if you've been with someone else. They'll think their not worth it for you. All you have to do is perservere and stand your ground and not chase or run and just be there when you twin flame needs you. I Give him space if he needs it but I don't run or block him out. In my experience my twin flame was worried I would run from him cause of how many woman he's been with. I'm stubborn I won't shove him away just for that. The reason he does be with other woman is because he's scared of the connection and fears I won't be there for him. I will though I'm not jelious of him cause I understand he was frightened and afraid that I would not return his love. I will always be there for him from now on.
iAmNotPsychic (5 stories) (34 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-30)
hmmm... I should say no comment because anything I say will come out cruel and distructive, but I do have have something to say. Sorry if I sound like a D**k. It will never happen. A relationship takes effort. Think of it like (excuse me for going all shrek on you) an onion. Everybody has layers that, over the years, they have been building around them to protect themselves and only after you have peeled all those layers away will you get to that sweet center, the core of a person. Some people you will never get that far or it will take literally a life time. You should go find someone that makes you happy and start peeling away and stop setting up impossible goals for yourself.
sibuna82 (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-30)
Hi There:

Well I haven't met mine yet in the physical world but in the spiritual we are totally connected, we talk, sing together, we dance, he is really intense and playful, we make love, we can't resist each other, he shows me places, this man travels a lot, I have seen lately the flag of the country he is at right now. He sings in a different language but somehow I know what he is saying. He have shown him self to me, I know the way he looks, he is handsome as...! Many times he won't let me go and grabs me really tight and I wake up feeling the grip, feeling his hands, even his hair, like from arms, chest and face. Lately we can't keep our hands of our selves, we can't resist, we won't stop kissing and...
But I tell you more, couple years ago I used dream about him, but I didn't know anything about twin flames, so it is only now that I'm connecting the dots. I have seen a violet net of light on top of me while sleeping, a white light to my right side, like a guardian. In some dreams I see him like doing his job, I see the place he works in, I read the news paper, I see files with work info and numbers, I see the house he probably grew up and maybe his parents are still living there. I have seen how his mother looks like, he loves her to death and have wonderful relationship. I have seen his father too but he already died, I believe, I have seen him when he was teenager and a child, like I was checking a family album. He takes me to places, he like to lift me and play with me, he is very energetic,strong, sweet, intense and caring. He is the one who woke me up to all this, he was the first one to make contact, he is spiritually super ahead of me.
We are so ready for each other. Recently I have been meditating and getting my life straight, closing all old chapters, asking my guides to help me find my twin flame or to bring him to me.
Honestly I think we are not far from meeting. I think I even know his name, I have been shown things, paper work with foreign writing which I googled and discovered and confirmed my suspicions about where he is from. He has such a talent for singing as I do, we make wonderful duos. This man have been molding my life from distance, I know he can't live without tea and working out, I can't live without those things as well now. He loves the ocean, he always takes me there in dreams.
We want to be with each other badly, sometimes out of the blue I get freaking anxious and violent and masculine and those things definitively come from him. I guess he goes through the same with me and my emotions.
Back in october I was meditating and sending him love and I received it right back and very intense and since then my solar plexus is home for butterflies or giant bats, because it gets really crazy when I think of him, and sometimes it spins clockwise. I'm very excited about it, I just want him in my arms.
jahur (1 stories) (4 posts)
11 years ago (2013-04-10)
amazing story, you mention "i hope you don't disappoint him" let's just hope he doesn't disappoint you...

Love in the light!

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