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Another Experience With Spirits


Once again, I am Eaven from Denver.

So I have had another experience with the spirits. At my mom's apartment, which is fairly close to a very busy street and a cemetery. I spoke out to the spirits and invited them to me and 10 minutes later I felt them all around me, moving me and letting me know they were there. This was the most spirits I have had at one time. There was at least 5 there. 2 by my legs 1 on each of my sides and 1 at my head. Now this part is the freaky part. I felt a very slight vibration on my left foot and knew it was a spirit but I said nothing about it. Then I felt the "buzz" all on my legs and on my back. It was like it was snuggling me or giving me a hug. It never showed its face in my dreamscape but I knew it was there Now, I have recently come across an article that talked about a psychic person who says that if she feels a vibration that means that it's a demonic entity in the room. I have also heard of an evil spirit known as a succubus that makes it victims feel comfortable and then evokes a sexual dream that causes the victim to allow the demon in to the mind's eye. It then sucks away your soul by taking ll of your essence away from you and eventually killing you in the end.

My question is am I in any danger or is it just another spirit just looking for some "love" I have not met the spirit I'm my dreamscape yet but the "buzz" felt like the shape of a woman I'm a little worried right now any comment will help me especially if you've had experiences with evil entities. Much thanks to you and whoever comments on this.

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