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I'm Hearing Voices And Ringing In My Ears And I Pass Out


When I was seven me and my mother moved into an old apartment, I was an only child at the time and loved playing by myself! When I turned eleven I started hearing this high pitched ring or beep and it got worse around electronics, the noise got super intense one day and I felt like I was about to pass out and then when I passed one certain closet it would get even louder then when I was near electronics. It got to the point where it was so bad I felt like my ear was on fire and it happened at least once a month, I also started hear a mans voice it wasn't nice it was rough! It stopped kind of, it really only got quieter and even now sometimes I hear a voice calling my name but never the same one. Right now I can hear a small ringing In my ear and yeah I know it could be tinnitus but I don't listen to my music loudly and I feel like I'm crazy for hearing all this stuff And no one else hears it it's just me. What do you think? Has anyone else experienced something similar to this? Another thing is with that voice every time I heard it it wouldn't just be my ear on fire it would be my whole body it and I feel as if I'm going to pass out it still happens but without the voice and I see black and splotches of red, blue, green, and other colours. I have only actually passed out once and my mother said my eyes were wide open and she was calling my name, I did hear my name being called by someone but it wasn't her voice. I don't think it's tinnitus so if that's what. You think it is please don't bother commenting.

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UrbanAngel (1 posts)
9 years ago (2012-04-01)
Hello Smiley Face

Seems to me that you are an intuitive and a clairaudient, which means you hear sounds but also you see things as well. As an intuitive to learn all about it and how to navigate throuth it is not an easy thing, we all need guidance. I am an empath and an intuitive as well and there were many times I would become overwhelmed by the amount of information that would come through all at once. There was a time that I became very hermit like because that is what I needed to do at the time to learn what I needed to learn... And especially learn to navigate through it all

First of all you need to learn to protect yourself. A good light to use is a pink light for it protects you but allows you to function and interact with people yet still being able to use your gift. If you ever feel you are completely overwhelmed or fearful for any reason put a bright egg shaped shell of light around you. This is to completely protect you.

There are also a whole other resource that many inuitives don't utilize because they just have not been taught - Archangels and Angels are there to help us - they are with us every step of the way but they are not allow to intervene on our behalf until we invite them in to help us - its all about free will. From the moment of birth we have two guardian angels that are with us every step of the way who love us unconditionally and protect us - but for them to actually assist us we have to ask them. They will never leave us - but when you ask for their help it is as if you unclipped their wings and allowed them to fulfill their purpose - which is to help you...

If and when you feel spirits are very dark or harmful or make you feel uneasy or uncomfortable - call on them to help you... If it is really severe then you need to call upon Archangel Michael. He is the right hand of God and he is also the one responsible for us finding and following our life purpose. If you are in a space or house where you feel there are dark spirits say this
'Archangel Michael I ask for your help... Please cleanse this space and my aura of all spirits that are not meant to be here and help them find their way home' Sometimes it is just spirits that are lost and they go to people that can hear or see or feel them - becuase they are just lost. The help will be intantaneous. There are also those spirits that are angery and want to connect and they do it in an ugly way - Call upon Archangel Michael and he will sweep clean the slate.

Also the reason you say 'spirits that are not meant to be here'is becuase some spirits are actually there to help us and guide us in our journey - as well as protect us.

Never worry that you are taking Archangel Michael away from someone - he, like God, as he is His right hand, can be everywhere and everywhere with everyone at once - helping, assisting, guiding, teaching and protecting especially if it is with regards to you life purpose - if you have been given these gifts - then trust me, that is part of your life purpose.

As for your episode of eyes wide open and seeing flashing colours and passing out - not that I mean to cause alarm - all will be well - but you may want to talk to your doctor for you may have had a seizure - DO NOT WORRY - there is help if that is that case but PLEASE Do NOT let them put you on any drugs - request that they do an MRI of your head AND neck - as you are in Canada, it is covered. There are some doctors that will just write a script without investigating. First get an MRI and see what the results are.

I know this is not an easy path and at times it is lonely but when I went on this journey there was no internet - but still somehow Divine made sure I met the right people in extraordinary ways that helped me study all of this and help me on my path to understanding myself so that in turn I could help others. Know you are not alone. There are so many and we in truth are all One. You are in my prayers Namaste.

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