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Phenomenon My Miracle


I think I'll start by sharing my experiences with both psychic phenomenon and my experience with angels and miracles. Maybe I'll start with my first experiences as a very sensitive child with the ability to not only sense peoples true selves but feel their pain like it was my own. I spent my childhood knowing I had this gift or curse at times never having any idea there was a name for people like me, I found out when I was about 21 that I was not just different but an empath. They say the more aware you are of your gift the stronger it gets, and I was just full of questions, and curiosity wanting to find out as much as I could or should I say can because my search never ends always looking to learn and to better understand myself and this gift that I have acquired. Things got really real for me when unknowingly put my-self in a deep mandala trance on accident. Ok I know what you're thinking how do you accidentally put yourself in a trace? Well it's a funny story actually I was at a family friend house an saw this book with this really cool art work on it and I'm a lover of good art so I picked it up and flipped through the pages an there was all kinds of poems that I really liked an decided to copy some down into my note book, long story short I ended up borrowing the book to copy poem an had no idea what that book was about, I liked the poems so much that I decided to actually read it. I started to read and realized that mandala is another word for the all Seeing Eye, and the art is more than just art but designs used for hypnosis meditation and trace. I also found out that through self-hypnosis an trance you can open your minds eye and the ability to communicate with entities from the other side, (on a different astro plane). I was interested so I decided to see how it actually worked I figured I would read how it's done and maybe give it a shot later, little did I know that just reading an focusing on what I was reading would actually put me in a trance. Soon after I finished reading It I had no idea what I had done, it wasn't until I seen two people in the living room with me that I did not know and weren't there a second ago. There was two apparitions in my living room but they didn't look like ghosts I've seen ghosts they were as solid as you and me. The first one that caught my eye was the man he looked pretty young like early to mid twenties Mexican dressed in a black t-shirt a black dickies; he was pacing back and forth from the hall to the living room. And sitting to my left on the sofa was what appeared to be a young girl sitting on the arm of the about an end table away from where I was sitting. My heart was beating out of my chest and I kept telling myself just don't look up just ignore them and they won't bother you, as long as I didn't acknowledge them they would know I could see them and they would go away. But don't you know curiosity killed the cat and I peeked over to my left an boom the apparition to my left jumped up at me like she was just waiting for me to give in an look and to my surprise it was no girl at all but a older women she looked like she might have been in her 50's but obviously with the mind of a child. I knew that they knew I could see them after she scared me. Then the young man came up to me in my chair an started asking me all these Questions like, "why am I here, am I dead?" and out of shire terror I kept my head down in my chest an didn't give a reply. I was just scared that if I did answer or say something they wouldn't go away. Little did I know that night that that wasn't going to be the last time I would be dealing with ghosts? After that night my life was not the same I have become a permanent channel or speaker box, door. Whatever you want to call it I can communicate with people who have pasted on. Sooner than later I would find out that it's not just dead people, its angels, demons, and even living people. Now that was something when I realized that I had inherited telepathy, as well as automatic writing and drawing, possession and clairvoyance. I might be getting ahead of myself a bit I seemed to have not yet mentioned my visit from an angel around the time I seemed to inherit all these amazing abilities, and perhaps this might help you better understand how and why I seemed to have abstained these miraculous abilities; well let's just say that I was in need of a miracle an god delivered. It was at a time in my life when all almost all my hope was lost and was at a place where I almost lost my life. I was with someone I believed loved me that I was very much in love with but he wasn't the person he appeared to be and did and let people do things to me so terrible an unimaginable that I almost don't have the words to explain, and because I started to figure out what they were doing to me I became a huge threat to all people involved an everyone I thought I knew and believed were my friends and I hate to say it but even some family to me. And because I was in a place where almost every day my life was treated each and every day I had to fight to keep from being drugged, raped and hurt by these people I thought were my friends and I thought actually cared about me. The worst part of the whole thing is everyone is being that I was drugged I don't even know who exactly was all involved. I was completely lost and alone so I thought until one day riding on the freeway I was looking out the window and noticed the how perfect the clouds looked so perfect like something out of a book and the there it was this ball of light brighter then the sun and for a split second I actually thought it was the sun until I looked over to the right and saw the sun an realized that wasn't the sun and all the sudden I heard a voice a women's voice a beautiful but strong voice an what she said to me was "God sees the good that you've done, be strong gods giving you what you asked for the suns going to shine on you." And instantly I felt warm and all I know is after that I'll be damned if the sun hasn't. I was never the same after that day since that day I was never alone again, in my mind and in my heart and also in my hands the good lord blessed me that day he knew it was me against so many that wanted me dead so he built an army inside of me and gave abilities I never thought possible. And he has walked with me every day since always lifts me up from danger or people out to take my life away.

Thank you for listening to few of the truly miraculous phenomenon I've experienced in the past few years of my life and trust me there is so much more where that came from. Still to this day I'm blown away and it's hard to believe all this could happen to me. I guess that's what happens when you live your life right and are a truly good natured person thank you god for this blessing

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