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Waking Up


When I was a little girl I had a invisible friend called Sarah, I would sit, talk and play all day with her. I do not remember much as I was very young but my memories are still there. When I hit 4 years old I felt like I come into reality and asked my mum millions of questions of my purpose here. She was a bit stunned as I was too young to be asking questions like this. Sarah had faded to nothing from me at this point except the shadows at night. At 7 years old one night I woke and my toy doll was walking towards the bed, I jumped under the covers until it was safe to sleep. Another night my mum asked me to put my milk tooth under my pillow but at this age I was aware mum kept my teeth in her jewelry box. As I was dosing off something caught the corner of my eye, is was sleeping on the top bunk, this shadow hovered over me and knew it was something else (maybe the tooth fairy). Things used to pop in my head now and then and show me things that was not from here.

I soon grew up and forgot all about this but was always open to the belief in spirits.

At aged 16, I was sleeping at my boyfriend's place. As I was sleeping I was being interrupted from a scratching sound, still half asleep, it started tickling my feet. I jumped up turned around and this tall masculine black figure with no features and glowing white eyes was just standing there staring at me. I started panicking, without taking my eye of this thing I woke my boyfriend to show. I've never seen anyone so scared in my life. I felt like it was calming me down telepathically, then it vanished within 5 minutes. Within a week I was homeless for a good year, the worst part of my life.

Numerous occasions shadows and ghosts have caught my eye but not like the one I saw that night.

When it all came flooding back: When I was 24 years old I hit rock bottom, I was suffering severe depression and was in an abusive relationship. I was lying in bed one afternoon, closing my eyes I had a shock, this eye was staring right back at me. Within days I found myself talking to people in my head, telling me they had passed and comforting me. Before I knew it I was noticing shadows all the time around me, this lead me to research what was happening, even started going to a spiritualist circle.

I noticed by this point that the more I hit rock bottom the more I opened up to spirit, they were there comforting me to let me know I was not alone.

In the last year or 2 I've learned that I am going through what you call a spiritual awakening, the most scariest but exciting experience and very hard to come to terms with. It's such a slow process, it's like being reborn all over again.

First came my clairvoyance and intuition, I had to work with that alone before beginning the next development. Within that time came the fear of evil for example: being watched at night, pokes on the back of my head, bed shaking, bangs in the night and terrible disturbing visions. I was in complete fear 24/7, learning to ground and protect eventually disintegrated my fear, I only let love in my aura. Once I overcome the fear a learned how to use my visions and intuition my Clairaudience kicked in and before I knew it my spirit guide come forward. He was the one who was always there watching, once I started reading for people it all come at once, my abilities all come together.

My Awakening was showing through me physically, was feeling waves through my body coming out my crown, headaches got intense and my heart was pulsing out my chest as it opened up, the vibrations in my body become more frequent.

My memories from past lives as well as in between has flooded back to me and also I am only just started to remember clips of my life that my guide shown me as a child. I was 4 years old, I chose not to take in what I saw and turned my back on her and that's when it come back to me from the beginning (asking my mother those questions).

I still have many unanswered questions but so would each top psychic mediums.

Love to here if people have experienced the same.

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tabane27 (1 stories) (7 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-29)
Its great that some have had similar experiences makes you think you not completely mad lol
qsxcft11 (34 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-15)
This story touches very close to home for me, I have seen spirits on many occasions, both good and bad... The "Tooth-Fariy" are you sure it was black? When I saw it (Like age 5) my mother was in my room to check on me, she heard a noice, then there was a energy ball we both saw, come from the pillow, it was changing colors constantly, like gold, white, very light red, then it dissapeared at the window. Age 8, shadow figure opens my door, seems to have a odd hand, no one was up, I would have heared them. I'm contaly seeing these energy ball tthings though, wonder what it could be:/

Also, any one know why it did this? I was meditating and there was a thunder strom, ok the thunders lasted about 10 seconds each at max. When I got deeper into my meditation, I felt energy ented my body, head first, then the rest of me, but that's the ok part. Then at the exact time of the energy entering my body there was a thunder. 30 seconds later its still thundering (the exact same one) 1 minute later still! (Same one!) 1 minute and 30 seconds, I stop, the thunder is still going on. It takes another 30 seconds for it to stop, but I still feel the energy! (Help:L)
vanillabean (9 stories) (168 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-15)
It's great to read your story. I have also reached a strong spiritual awakening or coming of age in the past 3 years. I've always had ties to the spirit world and had dreams that told me things. Certain events prompted me to seek out a Spiritualist church as well, so we have that in common. Numerous psychics told me that I am fully psychic and I'm a medium. I only half-believed them at first, but within 6 months it was very obvious I had the "5 Clairs": clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairailience (scent), and clairgustance (taste)...and I'm definitely a medium and have been able to give proof of mediumship to many people.

Unlike you I don't have experiences with too many shadowy figures or dark entities. All I can say is I wish you all the best! Make sure you learn psychic protection. I've definitely encountered pure evil, and now I practice psychic protection every single day at least once a day! 😉
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-14)
tabane27 as for myself and my husband we both
Had invisible friends.
I believe it is common to feel we are being watched
When growing up.
Your descriptions were well put:
Shifts while awakening spiritually.
I do believe each individual can and does have
Past life recall and for myself it has come up
Incrimentally. To also include confirming a previous
Life with two people whom are in this world now.
With one individual in particular I have had 3 views
That incarnation. This individual actually said to me, "I feel like I have known you".
So I checked. And low and behold I saw us as
Children. Then I saw myself older, then I saw myself
As an adult in that life time.

With my husband we have had two other life times together not including this one.

Sometimes while learning a technique I will sense
The shifts in my energy. Sometimes I can feel it and
See it in my minds eye. I only find we have more control in the whole growing
Process, by enforcing diligence.

Good journey
kathrynseer (1 stories) (6 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-13)
i like your story, that you are saying here I had found so very true in my life regarding visions and dreams. Filtering process is one thing that I find to be very true and our minds at times get mixed up with other things put right into it and its comes out fixed.
I think you have it all figure out, you are right on the nail. You have inspired me more. Thanks.
I been reading numbers in my dreams and seeing visions and getting impressions for many years now. Most have been right. Some times seeing two numbers one will come in but half the time both numbers will come in right away in the next few games. Its not easy to dream numbers. I don't hardly dream numbers now like I used to but when I do it really comes in most of the time I'm been right on the mark. So I don't need to prove to anyone by trying to dream numbers every night. I'm not selling my numbers. I don't sell a service either. And I don't give my numbers out to anyone either. So I can dream when I good and ready for the numbers to come in. I had came close to winning the lotto more than once in the pass years. Its not an easy thing to see numbers. But I will win the big jackpot soon enought that I can tell you to be true. Have a good one
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-04-13)
You obviously incarnated with the directive to spiritually mature at an accelerated rate. Our parents, life lessons and even paths are primarily self determined prior to birth. At some point you will be a mentor to others and will not be 'teaching' from a book but from the valuable lessons you have learned on your path to enlightenment; i.e., life, the best teacher of all.

I hope this Friday finds you well.

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