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My First Two Visions


I remember the first two precognitive experiences of my youth the most. The first vision felt so strange to witness, what you thought was a dream, coalesce all around you. The second proved to be painful.

My very first precognition occurred in the 3rd grade. I 'thought' I dreamt of a holiday dinner occurring at our rarely used dining room table. I first realized my vision was coming true while staring into a bowl of corn. Dreaming about dinner didn't seem like anything special and could have happened anytime. The trigger was mother's fine china, which was never used outside of holidays. There I sat in the third person knowing what was to happen next.

"I've seen this." I said.

"What?" my mother asked.

"I've seen this before!"

"Yes Honey, it's the fine china, take some and pass it along."

"No I've been here before."

My parents did not understand and I talked myself into believing it was just dumb luck. The one thing I couldn't explain away was how I knew exactly what I was going to say, how I said it, where I looked and how I felt when I knew I failed to explain what had just happened.

The second vision occurred shortly thereafter during school. Again I dreamt of myself, in the 3rd person, staring at a piece of my artwork. Something wasn't right. For reasons I could not explain, I appeared to be leaning against the wall with both hands hovering over my picture. What occurred next was very odd. A single drop of dark red paint flew in a straight horizontal line toward the drawing. There was no arc and from my viewpoint I knew the drip originated from myself.

Later during the week I found myself in a breath holding competition with some other classmates during a hot and humid summer day. The lead student's current record was 58 seconds. Not to be outdone, I knew I'd have to exert myself to claim first place. There I stood determined to win. At 45 sec my lungs began to contract searching for some much needed reprieve. I struggled not to give in to my mind's emergency flight response. Mentally, I fought off the pressing urge to give into panic of suffocation. Passing 55 seconds I knew I would win and decided to raise the bar further than anyone else would manage. At one minute and six seconds my brain decided to give me a time out and remind myself that I still required oxygen.

I passed out.

A little word of advice, know your surroundings when holding a breath holding competition in a cluttered room. During my 3rd year of education at Edison Elementary our classrooms were still filled with the old steal and wooden desks from the 60's.

As gravity pulled my unconscious body to the floor I struck the very edge of one such desk with my open mouth. I fell to all fours and came too over a very familiar sight. One the ground, between both my hands was my 'Where the Wild Things Are' picture we were coloring in class. Still coming too, I studied my picture and knew what was to happen next. And there it was, that strange drop of red paint falling in a straight horizontal line toward my paper. The drop turned into drips and then a pour. My senses quickly returning and the ever sharp pain stabbing at my mouth, I then knew it was not paint but blood. It turns out I had impaled my upper lip through my teeth. Luckily I did not break a tooth or need stitches. I still have the scar though.

The frequency of the visions increased to about one every three days. Soon I came to realize as a child what they really were. As an adult they still occur about once a week. Reading stories like these might prove difficult to believe to someone who doesn't experience visions or who is not aware. For people who do, it is something so much more than faith. Can you imagine actually seeing the face of God and walking around with such knowledge?

Interested in taking it further I believe, like a muscle, this part of my brain can be exercised. Through training or meditation I'm interested where it could go. Has anyone found a particular diet or recommend certain supplements that might help? I am looking for legitimate and proven techniques or aids. References to published articles and authors would be appreciated.

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