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Coincidence Or Ability?


Today has been a hell of a day,

It all started when I was driving home to change into my workout clothes for tennis practice at school. Turning into a side street, I passed a four car pile-up on a main road.

Everything else went as I expected, went to practice and all of that, then I went home to change back into regular clothes to get ready to go out with my friend.

While I was getting ready, I was getting visions and images of my friend and I getting in a car accident. I figured of course that would be on my mind after passing those cars, so didn't think much of it. I proceeded to go outside to my car and drive west to the neighboring city. Since there was so much traffic, I turned into a back road to get to destination quickly.

Upon approaching a stop sign, I had a very uneasy feeling. My hands turned clammy, my breaths were shorter, and I suddenly sat upright, looking for what the cause could be. Everything looked safe.

The next thing I knew, my car jolted forward and I had hit a truck passing me in this intersection. I didn't remember hitting the gas, and exited my vehicle in a daze. Everyone was okay. My bumper was laid out in pieces all over the street, and the truck I had hit only had a minor dent and a leaking tire.

I don't even know how this happened. I was at a stop sign, stationary, and the next thing I knew, it was all over. Were my visions a warning that I was going to be in an accident today? Was the accident I previously saw, a foreshadow? I truly believe my car jolted forward due to a mechanical problem, as I had my foot relaxed on the brake (I drive with one foot). So before you blame this on my bad driving, please give me some useful input because I do not know what to think of this situation, I'm just glad nobody was hurt and my friend was not in the car.

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LeeannMinton (1 stories) (14 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-14)
Well aday could be right about too much Final Destination, but your experience of shortness of breath and clamming hands indicate to me that you did have a vision. As far as how your car moved, well who knows maybe you momentarily crossed universes after all time is created by man so the future is happening now, and all the different options that we have to choose and decide are there, it just depends on the one we choose to go along with in this moment, perhaps you did press the gas, but your mind did not, and your foot in this universe did not. Of course that is going into a compeletely long discussion which would likely lead to an incredible theological discussion and argument that I do not wish to have.

So with that being said, it is possible for people who have one psychic ability to infrequently or frequently show signs of others, whether or not you excercise the muscle is what will make them more frequent. For instance, I am an empath, but sometimes I do see the future. I also have some sort of ability that has to do with energy and gathering it, sensing it, and probably if I really worked at it manuevering it in some way, unfortunately however I do not know exactly what it is, all I know is I feel it within my body, and sometimes it gets over powering as the energy will build up and I can no longer keep it within my system. Running helps, but if it rains for a week like it has been this week I feel it build and I become irritated and angry, and I find myself needed a not always safe sort of release. Anyway I hope this was helpful.
aday (5 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-29)
i think you watched Final Destination tooooo much. 😜. It may bbe just a coincidence or it is a vision HARD TO GUESS? If they are frequent it should be a vision Your ability. Sometimes I have too

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