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Is My Dog Protecting Me From A Bad Spirit?


This happened actually, last night. But to understand this, here's some back up information:

We moved into my current house two years ago. I automatically knew we were going to move into it. Just felt it. Three months later, after the move, I've been feeling uneasy in the house, as if someone was watching me. I told my mom and she felt the same way so she burned sage throughout the house and commanded whatever was in the house to get out since we felt it was negative. A little after, it came back and with nothing else we knew we could do, my mom burned sage again and commanded it out and it did leave. For a short amount of time. Again. And came back around a month later.

After six months of this, we decided to get a dog for company. We found my dog, Max, online. My mom wasn't sure if we could afford a dog with our very tight budget so she prayed. She saw a vision of a white dog. She said it looked like a wolf but when I showed her Max, she said the dog looks exactly like the dog she saw in her vision, except my dog has brindle spots on his back, but he was mostly white. We got him and I decided to let him sleep on my bed with me so he wouldn't be lonely and now every time I dream, Max is right next to me in the form my mom described. All white. I am guessing that's his spirit. Can he be my spirit guide?

Once I had a dream that I was sleeping and then Max came in and turned into a human being and touched my forehead. Weird thing was, I actually felt it physically too. With that, a white light came from his hand and spread all of my body, like a force field. I woke up to find Max on the floor just sitting there.

One time, I woke up around 2:00 in the morning to him growling at something in my room. He's not a dumb dog because he understands everything I say and on top of that he's a Border Collie so you know he's not dumb:P but I considered it since he was just barking at air. Then he stood right in front of me and growled at the air, possibly that bad spirit in my house. Then he stopped and went to lay down like nothing happened.

To conclude, I honestly, and this is just a statement, think that my dog is like my guardian. Maybe guardian angel maybe.

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Janek_Slav (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-22)
Hi *Show_Me* is correct your dog is your protector dogs can see spirits and they protect there love ones from the evil spirits or at least try to.

I got a chow chow dogs are mans best friends.

-Best Regards. John 😁
GeMiNiii (2 stories) (10 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-17)
Thanks so much you guys! And yes, I do talk to my dog, telepathically.
ThanksG (4 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-17)
Wow. First, Good Job in sensing what you did.
Secondly, as the other posts suggested, it is likely that yes, your beloved pet friend Is indeed barking at,,,something,,,! And that something is not just the wind. Don't know if this helps, but maybe like, ooo this is going to sound strange!,,,, talk to your dog about it, saying Thanks to her/him. Make sure your dog knows you love it, and appreciate that it is protecting you. Our animals are very sensitive in nature. As such, they Can and often do sense things we humans are oblivious to. I wish You well. Good job on having your beloved dog friend, too! Best Wishes to you and your family.
ShadowPanther (54 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-16)
It does sound like your dog is your protector/guardian and that he is specifically linked to you (especially since your mother had a vision of him). What puzzles me is the fact that you saw him as a human being (I'm guessing spiritual?) in your dream. This makes me think of a number of things like reincarnation as an animal, a spirit guide (in its physical form) or this that I just found:

"The familiars are animal souls that are connected through an energy link to only one person, usually someone who has psychic or magical abilities. There is nothing evil about them and they are not demons in way, shape or form. They are simply animal souls who have formed a bond with one person.
Familiars are hive souls -- seven souls in total -- with one or two souls incarnating while the rest stay in spirit form. They are usually of the cat and dog genus (incl. Tigers, wolves, etc.).
People who work with Magic sometimes have birds familiars, usually Ravens, Crows, Magpies or Owls.
The familiars take turns incarnating, although one soul might have closer ties to their person and incarnate more often than the others.
Familiars only incarnate to their soul person -- when not incarnate, they stay in spirit form."

Here's the link:

Anyways those are my thoughts on the matter.
Show_Me (guest)
12 years ago (2012-05-15)
Your dog is your protector. Animals and pets can see spirits. Dogs are common to see more spirits. Dogs will protect family members. Dogs have a very good sense of sensing good and evil spirits.

I have a dog who sleeps with me all the time. And in my my incidents, he intends to growl and bark at night around my bed.
KaalaLilee (5 stories) (42 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-15)
Well, I've got almost no psychic experience at all, but I'd say it certainly sounds like it. Especially the way you said you got him, and the dream and all. My advise: Keep him close, at least until the 'presence' goes away. I'm guessing you probably already thought of this, but I figured I may as well say it anyway.
Good luck!

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