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Could I Be Touch With My Sixth Sense?


Greetings! I am new to this website and from what I have seen, I am very confident that someone here will have the answers to my questions.

I am a young woman, soon to be 20 years of age, and I have experienced strong senses of déjà vu from time to time for since I can remember. Sometimes, when I get these feelings, I have a nagging suspicion that my situation at that time had happened before in a dream, and that I had simply not remembered the dream until that moment. Sometimes I know that something good or bad is going to happen before it does, although I do not always know specifically what is going to happen. I also dream lucidly, rather often; when I realize that I am dreaming, I can usually control my dreams, at least to an extent.

Some strange things have happened to me that I do not understand. One morning I was sleeping in an apartment, the foundation of which was from the late 1800's (we had always talked about how spirits could be inhabiting the place because it was so old); my boyfriend had already left for work, so I was sleeping alone in our loft, our roommates sleeping downstairs in their room. I dreamed that I was lying awake in my bed, and the sun was shining into my room. But I could not move; it felt as if something was holding me down, holding my blankets taut. I could scarcely breathe, it was as if my lungs were being compressed. I looked up at the head of my bed, and saw that the green handy hopper that usually stood against the wall of our bedroom was next to the bed, and open.

I silently pleaded with the invisible thing that was holding me down, crying and begging it to let me go. It did not obey, so I tried to explain that I did not mean any harm. Still, the pressure on my chest and body did not let up; I could not move any part of my body other than my head. I tried calling out for my roommates, but my voice came out as nothing more than a feeble croak. I tried to sit up even though I could not move my body, and managed to lift myself up a few inches. But then my pillow also lifted itself, coming for my face to cover my nose and mouth.

It was then that I woke up, drenched in sweat and panting. The sun was shining into my room, just the way it had been in the dream. After about ten minutes of laying there catching my breath, I chanced a look at the head of my bed and saw that the handy hopper was against the wall and shut, as it should have been. I told a friend about this story and he told me that it could have been a real entity; I would like to hear a medium's thoughts on it.

Something else I want to ask about are two dreams that I've had recently. My dreams have been becoming more and more real to me lately, and it sometimes becomes difficult to know whether or not I am dreaming. One dream I had been about my mother dying this year, and I cannot get it out of my mind; I hope that it was nothing more than a dream, but wondering if it could be anything more.

In the second dream: My boyfriend, some friends (a couple of girls that do not actually exist in my life) and I found out that we were going to die in about five minutes from an asteroid colliding with the earth. Like the dream about my mother, this one felt very real. I woke with a heavy heart, and could not stop thinking about it for the whole day. I was wondering if that could have any meaning, as well.

The final story I would like to mention is from about a week ago; I do not remember anything about it but my boyfriend mentioned it to me. One night we were sleeping, and he had been dreaming that someone was standing outside our window, looking in at us. He woke up and looked at the window to see if anyone was there (of course, no one was); no sooner had he done that when I started yelling in my sleep. He nudged me and told me I was having a bad dream, and I quieted down and slept peacefully from then on. I do not remember waking up from him that night, and I most certainly do not remember anything about what I had dreamt that night; I had simply thought that I had not dreamed. Could this just be a coincidence?

I apologize for the length of my entry, I sometimes have a difficult time coming up with the correct words to voice what I am thinking. What I want to know is if I could be slightly in touch with my sixth sense, and if so how I might learn to control and use it. I have tried my best to shut off any potential I might have for some time now, afraid to see or hear entities that I do not want to. I desire to learn more about this, and find out if it means anything significant. I really appreciate your time, and hope to receive a reply soon. Thank you very much!


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ChaosAquarius (1 stories) (5 posts)
10 years ago (2012-06-18)
Lucid dreaming is common with people that have an extra connection into their "sixth" sense. I myself lucid dream every night. Sleep paralysis is also common for lucid dreamers. I feel this is partially the brain telling you it wants to let you rest and to stop working for a bit. The realistic visions are most likely caused by your confusion. When a person is unsure of what is going on in life, the real world and the dream world seem exactly the same. Just be careful this only happens in your sleep because loosing track of reality in a dangerous situation like driving... Well is dangerous. The best way to fix that is to try to find the center of your confusion. From your story it sounds like your worried about the safety of your friends and family so I think you need to give your mom a call at least once a night before bed to tell her "Good night" to ease your mind of her safety, same for your boyfriend.
stilllife87 (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-05-29)
I think the most likely explanation in this case is non-supernatural. I have had similar experiences on several occasions, where I wake up paralyzed and have very realistic visions. There's a condition called sleep paralysis which causes this, when you wake up during your REM cycle. It can result in very lucid wakeful dreaming. Http://

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