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Connection To The Spiritual World?


I'm Shannon. I'm 14 years of age, almost 15. I've had a few strange experiences lately and I'm kind of just looking for answers. I've told very few people though because it sounds stupid and I'm afraid of people being doubtful towards what I'm saying.

It started when my grandmother passed about a month ago. We were all in the house for the wake and we were staying in her house because we live about 100 miles from were my grandmother lived and we had nowhere to stay. The body had already been taken from the house and had not been returned yet. I wasn't alone in the house, my whole family was there.

I had the strange feeling the whole night, like a presence. I thought, yeah ok, it's a dead persons home, I probably am feeling her presence, it's normal. My father also felt the presence. He has always been very connected to the spiritual world, two days before my grandmother passed he turned around to my mum and asked her "Do you ever get the feeling someone is going to die?". Stuff like this has always happened to him.

Anyway, I would not go into any of the rooms in her house on my own and I didn't like the feeling I had I just sat staring into space and my body was freezing, I even tried sitting in front of the open fire for a while but I was still cold. My family did see that I was acting strange but didn't pay attention. That night I went to bed and slept beside my mum and dad because of the minimum amount of beds in the house, I was sleeping on the outside and my mother and father were facing away from me with their backs to me. I was laying there thinking of my grandmother for a while and realized that my mum and dad had fallen asleep so I thought, Ok, I'll get some sleep too. I closed my eyes and lay there for a bit, I was still fully awake though. All of a sudden I felt this arm around me and something touch my back, like someone was getting into the bed with us and putting their arm around me. I jumped up and went into shock. I woke my mummy and started crying. She didn't know what was going on. I didn't want to tell her either incase she didn't believe me. I just kept crying and shaking like a leaf! I wouldn't talk for about 5 minutes, my mum kept asking what was wrong with me and I just kept insisting that I felt unwell. Eventually I did get it out and tell her and she woke my dad up and called my uncle up. I then found out that the bed I was laying in, was her bed when she was alive. Since this happened I've been afraid of the dark and afraid of being alone.

Yesterday, my mum went to a spiritual medium, Tina Russell. She was very good and provided a lot of info and details for my mother. She also told my mother that It was my grandmother that night and that I'm connected to the spiritual world, that I take after my dad. This was all my mum told me because she didn't want to freak me out after the whole thing with my grandmother. Last night I was at my boyfriend's house and I told him something that I'd never told anyone else. Sometimes I see thing moving from the corner of my eye and I'll look at it and it'll be gone but I've never thought nothing of it. When I got home last night my mum sat me down and asked me, "Shannon, do you ever see anything, you know ghostly?" I freaked out and was like "YES! How do you know!" and she told me that the medium told her and that it is spirits that I'm seeing, I see them all the time. She also told me that when I was younger I was afraid of the dark and didn't like going to the toilet or going anywhere alone. This is true, I also never told anyone this, including my mum. Apparently it's because I could feel their presence. My mum said that the medium also said that they brush my me and play with my hair sometimes and that I have mood swings because the spirits moods and energy is rubbing off on me. I honestly don't know what to think. I'm kind of freaked out, it's actually scaring me a bit. But I just want to know what you guys think and would really appreciate advice. I was also thinking of taking up on medium ship classes to deal with it but I'm not sure if you have to be over a certain age, I'm only 14 at the end of the day. Thanks for taking the time to read this, would love a reply.

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-07)
Books for psychic development,
This will open up understanding and give you a
Foundation, on when connecting to psychometry, or
Distinguishing clairvoyance...etc.

Some schools will have an age limit.
But if you search in your area you may find
A local store or Spiritualist church willing to
Help in teaching and guidance.

You should, just bear in mind it will be a
Sacriface at times you would rather be with friends or other activities. Please try to fit both personnel activities so that during your journey in life you
Will look back with no regrets.

Good journey

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