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Weird Things Going On


A lot of strange things have been happening since last week. After a death in the family, my mother was quite upset. She asked him to visit our home and let us know that he's OK and that he's happy. According to her, I awoke screaming my lungs out a few minutes after. I was having a night terror but I didn't see a person; I saw a pair of shoes. In retrospective, it was stupid of me to scream at that but I did anyway. My mother came into my room and asked if I had seen something. I tried to explain that it wasn't a person, but a pair of shoes. We thought back and two years before, a pair of shoes went missing on my sister's wedding day. The shoes were never found. On the day of the wedding, the man who died offered to go and buy her a new pair and she chose to wear trainers instead. It became somewhat of a joke between the family. I didn't think much of this incident but as the week went on, I found that I was losing more sleep because of extremely odd "night terrors".

I fell asleep on the couch in my living room and when I woke up, I saw my mother walking back and forth talking on the phone. What she was saying upset me and I ran off into my room. A while later, my mother came in to see if I was ok. I explained why what she had said on the phone had upset me so much. She said that she was asleep until I slammed a door shut. I returned to the living room to discover that the light wasn't on and that it was about one thirty. I went to sleep and, once again, brushed off the incident. I believe it was the night before my birthday and I wanted to learn to meditate correctly. Four of us sat down and were guided through the meditation by my sister. We sat and focused on our breathing for 10 minutes. During the meditation, I saw a woman run around a doorway quickly and dove to sit at my knees. Of course, this was in my mind's eye. She was dressed almost like Scarlett O'Hara from Gone With The Wind. She had a slightly puffy white dress on with a red ribbon around the waist of the dress. Her hair was wavy and to her shoulders. She had two red ribbons in her hair. He hair was very dark (much like my own) and her eyes were blue. She was carrying a bit of weight. She acted as though she was a small child but she was clearly around her mid-twenties. It was quite odd. Before the meditation ended, we heard a loud scream. It was my neighbor, whom we had always thought of as an impure spirit. She was scream hysterically, as if the meditation was affecting her. We forgot to close the meditation that evening.

That night, I fell asleep and I awoke several times with a night terror which I figured was quite normal. I awoke again to hear my mother talking on the phone again. I couldn't see her but I knew she was there. I couldn't sleep through a straight hour that night. I woke to hear my family conversing when they weren't even there. I got up for some reasons I didn't even know. I felt like I was being watched and that something was messing around with me. I disconnected plugs from their sockets because of an excessive buzzing I heard from it. I kept getting up to walk around the room and I didn't even realise I did it until I was in another room.

All in all it was extremely strange week. Any ideas on what could be going on?

Thank you (and sorry for going on).

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Show_Me (guest)
12 years ago (2012-06-06)
When you ask a dead person to come to you or someone and tell you that you are happy, okay, in heaven or where ever he or she is, you are bound to let in all kinds of spirits. I believe that you did not ask specifically who. Sometimes ghost, spirits, and evil spirits will impersonate a person you know and use that against you. I would pay attention to my surrounds and atmosphere with caution.

In meditation, you do not really have to close it, but return back to your body. When you are in your body, it basically disconnects you from the spirit world. When I meditate, I call all my guides, protectors, angels to come back home with me. I would see myself coming home to my door and then into my body. In some cases when you meditate and then get distracted and don't return to your body in time, but open your eyes while returning to your body, you kind of lose the connection coming back and anything could have intercepted you and your body.

As for your family member that passed, I know your family and you want to know if she or he is okay, but I would not want to linger on that and ask if he or she was ok. The deceased person would tell you or a family member one way or another through dreams. There is a saying that you should not keep crying or asking the deceased person (s), because they will start a new life in the after world until they will be reborn again into a new person or animal. In the real world. The deceased person will come when you need them most.

You know you can control your dreams. I takes time but when you know something is going to happen, you first protect yourself and then prepare for what is there or going to happen or show up. Try sleeping with a lamp on by your bed. Ask your guardians to protect you against evil. Everyone has guardians.

For your night terrors, say a little prayer for protection and that your light will guide you to the light.

Hope this helps.

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