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Young And Clairvoyant


My Grandmother has the abilities to predict happenings in her dreams, and has claimed to pass it to me. I have the ability to communicate with the paranormal. I can see where there is room for doubt, as I am only fourteen and my peers have given teenagers an undesirable stereotype. I assure you, I only need help. I can see, hear, feel, and communicate with those that have passed. It has been verified to me on several accounts that this is true. Below is one of my extraordinary experiences.

My first knowing of this gift was when I was seven years old. I was in the gymnasium of my elementary school after hours, and there was this girl my age sitting by the rear door, crying. Naturally, being a young child, I inquired her name and situation. She told me her name was Jenny, and her mother hadn't come for her. She had scarlet hair and startling blue eyes. She was wearing a long, light pink dress with a mint green frock, and black boots. She and I were having a conversation when my mother walked in. I tried to introduce my mother to my new-found friend, but my mother never saw a thing. Jenny would stand directly in front of my friends, parents, anyone, and no one ever saw her. The only connection was my grandmother could feel her presence. She told me she did before I introduced her. When I left the school in 2008, I stopped seeing Jenny.

That is only one of my many accounts. Any assessment on this occurrence would be more than appreciated. If you could give me tips on how to develop my gift more, that would be great.

Contact me at:

Any help would be feet. Thank you,


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Vivre-libre (7 posts)
11 years ago (2012-06-18)
You are a medium! This is actually a very natural ability that can frightening at times. However, you should not be worried. As a medium, you should understand that the reason you have this gift is to help those spirits of the dead communicate with those of the living. By doing so, you may help them pass on unto another plane of existence. Talk to any spirit you encounter and sort of give them an interview as to what they want, do they know they are dead, and if so how did they die, why are they here, can they not pass on, e.t.c. However, as a medium myself, the dead can sometimes be rather stubborn and relentless. 😜 Not to worry though, you have control over this ability! If you need any help on controlling your mediumship, email me at TheWickedPhantom01 [at]
Bonne chance!
DiamondMind (1 posts)
11 years ago (2012-06-16)
I'm 13 and a clairvoyant (I can read minds) but I only discovered it when I was 11. Tips on how to increase it; it works for me: I don't force it but just day by day use it more oftenly. You don't have to take my advice cause I am anyway a year younger than you and probably less experienced. My grandma can heal people and see the future, and it passed on to my sister and I. I can heal too, but my sister only sees the future. I recommend you to talk to your grandma more about it, she probably has more useful tips than what i'm giving you.
Hope it helped (:

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