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Ringing In The Ears And Voices


Please be aware and look into targeted individuals. It starts with very loud ringing in the ears, then you hear a voice. DO NOT ENGAGE WITH IT UNTIL YOU VERIFY WHERE IT COMES FROM. The voice (s) will be nice to start with, then they will start asking you personal questions. DO NOT ANSWER. This is widespread please go research. People end up being diagnosed schizophrenic because it gets to be 24 hour torture. It is not psychic, it is humans using advanced technology. Hallucinations, followed by energy running through your body, which gets painful and it is used to correct your thoughts or behavior or both.

You will end up isolated from friends and family, they try to convince you that you need to hurt others because they are hurting you. You may have 4th dimensional experiences.

They will never leave you alone if you let them in. Please, don't rush towards contact with psychic entities without very careful consideration. You will be awakened every night, if that is they let you sleep at all. I went fourteen days without sleep, and felt I was in another dimension. Many weird experiences that seem so real, beyond real. I fell for it, thinking this was what I had worked for so many years to achieve, until the abuse started. Not all contact is psychic I have learned.

If it does happen, please take a course on clearing the mind of all thoughts, they impersonate your own thoughts, try to get you to do things. As I speak my head if full of energy movement, as is my base chakra. Angels, guides, archangels, Jesus, whatever, won't do you the slightest bit of good if they snare you in.

I can dismiss them now, after 18 months, but they still keep trying. Imagine, no peace at all, ever. Take great care.

Much love.

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CheshireCat (35 posts)
10 years ago (2012-06-19)
I've had the same experience as you but for a much longer duration... Like 2 years of 24/7 abuse and manipulation except it wasn't just voices, it was the conscious entity actually coming through me... Although I don't talk about it as #1 I don't like giving people the idea that it could even happen. #2 you'll be the textbook description of schizophrenic #3 You'll lose all understanding of religion and metaphysics when angels and other beliefs fall to the floor for not comming to your aid... Not that they didn't in some sense... I just don't understand why it had to happen at all so to speak. It was like getting the story of prometheus having his liver peaked out each day only to be 'healed' and attacked once again.

For me it involved being astrally ripped out of the body with some sort of hive minded entity that made me go mad as a hatter and experience things that I can't truly describe nor want to. It started out nice with only occasionally voices but got dark within 6 months. Although I've had numerous 'alien type contact' with entities and ghosts before that were strange at the time but I always felt fine once the moment passed so to speak. So again, I don't understand why it happened, I just know it did and I'm still not the same because of it. The only thing that kept my sanity was knowing that all I did was come home, have a beer and said that I was done talking to them and wanted it over and that's when the real nightmare began unfortunetly.

As for your own, I'm assumming you interacted with something similar be it other worldly, ghosts, or some other form of consiusness. I know that they do have technology to hit people and induce fear/ panic and even send thoughts into someone's head but I don't think human technology is advanced enough to mess with people in the same way as you describe. The only thing that helped was dead relatives... Most people would think the dead are just passed over humans but they really are gods unto themselves as anyone dead can see and understand things that wouldn't be comprehensible to us on earth. The only thing I don't understand is what governs and rules and regulations there are over larger forms of consciousness that roam the universe. There simply has to be something in place otherwise the world would be a lot messier. The most I got was that each conciseness has their own agenda and that the natural world kind of sums things up with one form eating another form for food. I also think that humans are not nearly as evolved as 'things that are out there' and can't even come close to competing with the level of intelligence and ability that iv'e seen and experienced. Thus there has to be rules of interference... I'm just not clear on what those are.
All the best to you and I hope they leave you be. Sometimes the unseen, unheard and unfelt helpers/angels/guides are the one's that are the best as you can live your life undisturbed and face normal challenges. Cheers

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