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I Feel So Alone In A Crowded Room


I've always felt that I am different from others around me. I am able to feel what animals and people are feeling. On several occasions, I've had experiences that just enforce this feeling.

I work in a print shop and I had a customer come in that I had never met before. She sat down to ask about a print job and so I sat on the other side of the counter and asked how I could help her. She responded that her son was just admitted into a rehab program and that he attempted suicide. I could tell that she was upset before I even sat down, I don't like to get involved with people's personal affairs. I don't want to intrude; however, this type of meeting is common. I often hear after these sorts of conversations that the person confiding in me has no idea why they told me all that they had, but felt so much better after sharing. I joke that maybe I should become a therapist. Tell them to take care and go on with my day. These instances use to bother me a great deal, I would obsess about what was going on in their lives and try to figure out a solution for them. I still feel a great concern, but somehow I manage to ease my mind by distracting myself with the job at hand. This is not the only type of story I have.

When I was a teenager, I had a friend who had kept horses. She told me to be careful around the Mustang as she was not fully broken yet. We went riding and I was on the horse with her. She fell off as Candy reared up. I was not very experienced in riding but I grabbed the reigns and said, "enough!" She settled down. It was strange to the others but I felt as though it was normal, for me.

I volunteered at the Humane Society when I was about 15 and the Director would tell me that a certain dog was way too rough to walk but I felt an overwhelming sadness around him. I know that he felt isolated and so alone. I put on his leash and walked him. I whispered, "Gentle" as we walked. The other volunteers and the Director were amazed that I walked him. I did, up until the day they put him to sleep which was how they handled overpopulation in the shelter. If they were not adopted by a certain time, they were put down. I went in to clean cages one day and was feeling overly sad and upset for no apparent reason. Then, I learned it was the day to put the assigned dogs down. I made sure that I did not volunteer on the scheduled termination days. It hurt, I was near tears.

I also volunteered at the Veterinarian's office and had seen plenty of ill animals. There was a time that I pet a dog who was very sick and I said to him, "you will be fine" He recovered! I know you are thinking big deal, except, he was terminal. The vet said it was a miracle!

There is also a dark side. I was about 14 or 15 and we had a dog that was mean and nasty to the others and I was mean back. I told Buffy that he would be sorry if he didn't stop. Buffy died for no apparent reason that night. At the time, I was not remorseful. I felt that he had it coming. Over the years, I wonder if my energy had anything to do with Buffy's death, or with the other dog's recovery, or with Candy's calmness.

I don't know what is going on with me and I am afraid that if I were to tell a therapist or psychiatrist any of this, they would heavily medicate me. Forget telling any of my family or friends any of this. I feel alone. I know that there is more to my abilities. I can feel it within me. I can feel a power that is trying to come forth but I just don't know what to do with it. Please, if anyone can relate, please tell me, or send me on my way as a freak.

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Snydead4576 (2 stories) (20 posts)
11 years ago (2012-06-28)
I too can feel emotions from animals and other people. Trust me on this you are not alone with this ability. I always know when something is wrong when looking at others even when there showing no expression of any emotion. I would feel either a negative or positive energy from that person or animal. I use this ability to help others when they need someone to talk to. Somtimes I would randomly give advice to a person without them telling me what's wrong and then they'd tell me about the things there going though and is happy by the advice I have given them. I also know that animals can understand the things that you say to them it just depends on the right words that you use kind of like talking to that animal like you would to a 4 year old using simple words. For example my mom was planning to move out to a diffent apartment building and we had to get rid of our dog Brandy. Brandy was depressed and I had took her outside and starred right into her eyes and told her that there will be two young girls that will be taking you home with them and I want you to jump on them and give them lots of kisses when you meet them. I also told here that she was a very good dod that I have ever had and that I would miss her. Somehow I noticed she felt more at ease when I talked to her. The next day the two young girls came to pick up Brandy and when Brandy first met them she jumped on them and gave each of them kisses (Brandy usually barks at strangers and would never jump on them) Brandy did everything that I've told her to do and when they were leaving Brandy jumped in there car with no hesitation and Our dog would always hesitate to get into anyone elses car that she's not used to. Like I said with this ability you can surly help thos who need someone to talk to and always keep in mind that your never alone.
Mubashir (285 posts)
11 years ago (2012-06-26)
Wow that was pretty cool story of yours. I am an empath too but I like when I am crowded with people that makes more easy to communicate for me. To be honest when someone is upset I most of the time try my best to help people without hesitating and I have helped them. You don't need a doctor you only need more confidence in yourself. When you have that you will be fine. No matter what happens never think that you are some freakshow. If you think that way then you are totally wrong. Hope this cheer you up. Take care and bye. 😁
HeavenlyGlory (3 stories) (8 posts)
11 years ago (2012-06-26)
You are not a freak. Don't call yourself that. There is nothing wrong with you, but you have been giving a gift. From what I read you are an empath. You can use this to help people. Being an empath can be scary because you feel the emotions of other and that in turn goes into you. There are instances where you will feel an impulse to do something because of the emotions of the person. For example when you feel that a person feels rage, you may probably feel an impulse to do something to harm someone. But remeber it is not your fault. It may be hard to control it but just hang in there. 😁. I think that your gift has something to do with people approaching you and talking to you. It is nothing bad and embrace it. You don't need to go to a psychologist, there may be other people with your gift. I don't have that but I have another gift. I will tell you something you are not alone in this, ok 😁.
blind-seer (3 stories) (13 posts)
11 years ago (2012-06-25)
I can relate to your story with every aspect, I to am dealing with gifts at times I find hard to control. When it comes to animals I feel compelled to work around them and have worked shelters. But in doing so I felt the same sadness you speak of, so now I work for a now kill rescue. Empathy as a gift can be difficult, you have your emotions as well as taking on that of others. Here you can talk it out and no one with thank your crazy. We are all here for similar reasons. We are special, and soon I feel all will be made clear why we are this way. There is a reason, my thoughts are with you...
Hopebringer92 (guest)
11 years ago (2012-06-25)
It's good that you've written about yourself. I can see we have much in commmon. Feeling alone all the time is quite normal when you have the abilities. You might not feel any connection to your family and friends. You also might not feel any regret for your actions and it won't mean that you're emotionless. You are a special person. People like that are very needed, you also might feel there is a higher purpose in your life. You were chosen to help others. That's the way you were born.
When it comes to beings around you acting mysterius way, it comes from what you are. People are drawn toward you, i'm sorry if you wanted to live in solitude or hoped for much time for yourself.
Have you ever heard strange names or strange language? Do you hear voices? Does name Eril'Aran ring the bell?
I hope you would calm down a little and embrace what life has to offer:D
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
11 years ago (2012-06-25)
You're not a freak. You are just an intuitive sensitive person. Why would that need medication? If you are perceptive enough to pick up on very fine messages, subconscious or not from the giver, this just makes you an empath.

Well, I must say for an empath, you certainly picked some extremely difficult work! I personally could not bear to work in a human society or a vet clinic. I was in a vet clinic not too long ago for my own dog's physical and all the crying was just too much for me. It feel it like a cut.

There very well may be more to your abilities than what is evident right now in your life. But you are in the same boat as the rest of us; you have to continue educating yourself and then start to do the work that brings these abilities out. You have to come to understand how your body is a filter for subtle energies, how energies of your aura and chakras work, what promotes or suppresses these abilities and so on.

My family has no idea that I'm an empath (or have psychic abilities) and I'm fine with that. I don't need the approval or even the conversation with a relative to be centered around this for me to feel fine. If someone asks, great, if not, it's just my own personal thing.

We are generally alone in life! People in marriages can be alone. Do you think average co-workers and family members have a clue about this stuff? Of course not, and even if they did, they too live in fear of bringing it up. We can't wait for the association or approval from others to be centered and happy. This is a gift potentially just for ourselves or to share without conditions when we can. There are ways to connect to humans that are outside of sharing our spiritual beliefs and abilities. Find another way to connect. For me, that's being kind in an unkind world. Be nice at the check stand and let someone in line in front of you that has a few items while you're goods are spilling out of the basket. Refrain from impatience and let others speak, pull in front of you, or whatever else allows a person to come before you. Remember service to others versus service to self. We can find a mountain of happiness by being a caring, patient, tolerant human. Look at that poor bus lady who was bullied by those kids and who soon found out that there are worlds of people who are not like that. That can care about a total stranger - how wonderful.

Continue studying, meditating, and caring, and I think you'll find your life blossom really nicely.


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