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Seeing And Hearing Spirits And Don't Know What To Do 2


I've been reading some truly amazing stories on here and had some wonderful advice from my last story and there have been some new developments.

My daughter will be 10 next week. She is a very talkative lively little girl Last night she came to me scarred saying she been hearing someone breathe in her ear but there is no one there. I was sat in the room. I told her it's her imagination and not to be silly and no one can hurt her I did not want to scare her though I don't think it's her imagination. I can't help her too much as I am still dealing with my own experiences and accepting this is real. I feel I should fully understand myself before speaking with a young child about it. Though I worried it is the same man I mentioned in my previous story that I felt was negative and evil maybe, though last night when this experience happened to her I felt no negative vibes. Is there a way for me to protect her? Or do you think this is a young girls imagination?

Also I read some stories where psychics are having premonitions in dreams only when they are in pain. I don't have premonitions but I did also in my previous story mention how one night just before I fell asleep when I was experiencing sleep paralysis a blinding white light came. And a woman appeared dressed in white with long blonde hair and she had a young girl with her who was blonde also and dressed in white. The strangest part was the little girl looked exactly like my sister when she was younger before she took sick. My sister is still alive but she took ill as a child and is now mentally and physically disabled, she can't walk, or talk and communication is very limited and hard. She is no longer blonde and she is 24 when I had this apparition she was about 15 at the time. She takes sick often and regularly is in pain. I was wondering if possible this girl could of been her projecting herself to me in her childhood form when she could communicate is this possible? I think I'm clutching at straws and a few weeks ago I would never believed it possible. I still am not sure if I do I am just trying to understand what is happening and has happened.

Also I have tried opening myself up a few times lately but I get scared when I feel spirits around me and build a wall mentally around me but I feel like they are trying to get through it. I really feel I need to communicate with who wants to talk to me how can I make sure it is only positive spirits I let in?

And do I ask them questions or just stay silent and listen and I don't know what to do?

Also I spoke to my mother about this few days ago and said you're going to think I'm crazy but I believe I have some abilities and told her everything. She said she does not think I am crazy and she has always believed this about me herself always thought something. She said as a young child I would wake her screaming saying I could see tigers and things from the jungle on the walls. Or I would scream about the African woman who lived under my bed with her children. I have very vague memories of these incidents. This is making me believe more that its time I stop running and accept my gifts and learn what I am supposed to do with them and try to not be scared though it is very hard each time I try to open up I get frightened and I feel frustration energy in the room like the spirits are frustrated with me.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

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fizzlepopbang (guest)
12 years ago (2012-06-29)
HI! My names Michaela, I'm 14 years old. I have had a LOT of experiences with spirits, some of which happened when I was younger, so I can relate to your daughter's predicament.

Firstly, I would not like to disregard this as being her imagination, although could clearly be the case, it is not always. Something I know that never helped me was my mum telling me that it was all in my head, because I began to severely doubt myself. If you tell her the truth and teach her methods to stay safe, it could definitely aid her progress. Something you could do to keep her well protected would be the white light method, although this does not accurately reflect negative energies. You need a strong amount of LOVE, and I cannot emphasise this enough, for it is the most important part. Ever heard of the saying 'love conquers all' yes, it is true. Use the white light method to surround your daughter, and make sure you add so much love. You could also practice adding some imaginative creations to protect her, as is what I sometimes do when I have had experiences. An angel, a lion, anything that you think might benefit her protection. The intent it what matters, not the actual creation. You could tell her to do the same, because not only is it a good method, but also great fun. Also, if she is still too young for the protection method herself, tell her to, at all costs, ignore the spirit. Trust me, they are just like bullies, feeding off your fear. When you ignore them, they will eventually leave. Of course the love combats their fear, but if she is unable to do so then ignorance is probably the best bet.

There is a lot of discussion about mentally disabled people among the spiritual communities. A thought comes to mind that your sister could have perhaps really died, and perhaps she is living in two places at once, as is often the case during things like astral projections, and even dreaming. For this though, I cannot give you a clear answer, I apologise. Really, only you can decide what is right.

For the opening up part. This can help if you raise your vibration. You can only allow negative spirits in if you feed them your fear. It is the law of attraction, the way the entire universe works, like attracts like, and so if you are fearful (creating an ugly ego controlled aspect reflection inside) then you will attract negative entities. Be positive, ask for guidance, but seeing as you are god yourself, BE love, BE happy, BE positive, and trust, that you will be safe. God (or whatever you call it) will truly keep you safe, but only if you believe so.

When you say the spirits are frustrated at you, are you sure its not YOU frustrated at you? Think about that.

Don't be afraid of the spirits, they are people just like us. Sure, there are alien beings living in the astral plane, I mean, I just saw one last night, but you don't have to let them affect you if you don't want to. Anything you don't like the feel of, look of, sound of, just notice, don't react, don't feel anything, just notice. You ARE safe, believe so.

I have heaps of people contacting me and if you ever feel the need to do so you may. Although it is perfectly understandable if you don't want to seeing as you are much older than me, lol. But feel free to if you ever want to. My email should be on my page. I hope that helped.

With all my heart and blessings,
I wish you the best of luck,
Michaela. ❤ 😊 😁
aurawolf (3 stories) (14 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-28)
Sounds like somesort of haunting... In your oppinion, are they good sprits or bad?

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