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Is This Really Happening Or Am I Going Crazy?


I guess this story starts in February 2011. In that month my mom, step-dad and I moved to a new house. It had two floors, we were on the first and on the other a married couple with their 5 year old daughter. They had a cat which a few weeks later gave birth to 4 kittens. The child wanted a dog and her parents gave 3 of the kittens and their mother away, keeping the youngest. Their daughter got tired of the little cat after a while and I started taking care of it.

Now here's the strange part. Usually I sit on the stairs outside to kill time, one time the cat came in front of me and started staring me in the eyes. I always loved cats, I had one when I was little and still lived in my home-town, I would stay with it for hours, I remember talking with it through telepathy before my family found out about my powers. Remembering that I thought 'Why not?' and connected my aura with the animal's. From that moment I've always used telepathy to communicate with my cat, I think of images and send them to him and he does the same. For example if he's hungry I'd get an image of me giving him food, or I'd ask him to come sit next to me. He even let's me wash him voluntarily.

In a few words he became something like a baby brother to me. My problem starts when my neighbor's dog grew up. They thought that if their ex cat and their dog grew up together they would have been 'friends'. Well that idea completely back fired. When my cat goes out of our house and for example goes to the garden or only wants to stay outside because recently it's been 36°C their dog grabs it for the neck and literally cleans the floor with it. Well yesterday I had enough, my neighbors like usually said that they are only playing, and I say in my head "Yeah, and I'm the president". So I did something I'm terribly regretting now. My master had taught me how to use negative energy and told me to use it only in emergencies. Well I thought that was one so I transmitted negative energy from me to the dog through empathy. Well it went wild. And tonight came the worst part.

I couldn't sleep because of the hot weather, it was about 1.a.m. I went to the living room and sat out the window. There was the balcony so I was about a meter (3 or 4 feet) of the ground. My cat was outside and it came up and looked me in the eyes. I smiled like always. Then it mewed. I was scared speechless. It's voice was clear and high like it was screaming. I've never seen or heard such a thing. He mewed a few more times, I asked what happened, I used empathy, and telepathy. It stared blindly at the wall next to me and the second after it stared at a tree. Then the dog came I tried to get it away from me and the cat. It looked at me. I'll never forget that stare, those eyes, it was like behind them lied hell. The dog is about one foot tall I never thought I'd be scared to death by something like that. I possess precognition and I had a dream about my cat a few nights ago but I never expected such a thing. My family is known in our home-town for being fearless. When I was a child I never heard a fairy tale, instead my granddad always told me about his fights not only with people, he fought against wild bears naked-handed, he taught me martial arts before discovering my other powers, and later my master continued training me repeating over and over what strong and courageous people we are. Well that scared me more than anything, more than even my nightmares. Does anybody know what happened to the dog? And how am I supposed to turn it back to normal? Please it's urgent!

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Lydiahahaha (2 stories) (11 posts)
11 years ago (2012-11-13)
Keep sending positive energy as often as you can... So that maybe that dog can sense that you're apologetic. I hope it helps.
Madara (guest)
11 years ago (2012-07-10)
I'll try that next time I see it, and the dog's a Cocker Spaniel with light-brown fur
Spirited-away (5 stories) (46 posts)
11 years ago (2012-07-10)
well I think is karma. Have you ever heard of "what comes around goes around". You hurt this dog for no reason, animals are more sensitive than humans, if the cat actually felt threaten, it wouldn't be near the dog, instead it would be somewhere else were they can't meet or if that dog was really hurting your cat, than it was up to you to keep your cat safe. You let your anger get the best of you and wounded this poor dog with your negative energy and that is animal cruelty, tell me, would you like to be blasted with negative energy? Anyways, what I recommend is to get that dog attention and apoligize to it, don't try implanting positive energy, if you are truely sorry for what you did than show your feelings, the dog should be able to see this in your aura and forgive you.

Sorry if I sounded harh on my reply, but somehow I can sense the dog's anger.

Love and respect

I been trying to pin point the characteristics of this dog and the only thing that comes to my mind are the colors brown, white and black, but mostly black and brown and german sheper look alike.
Madara (guest)
11 years ago (2012-07-10)
ok, so I tried this yesterday. I called the dog to get its attention. Then I used telepathy to show it some positive images. It stayed still for a few seconds and went home. I thought that it was back to normal but a few hours later it had destroyed our door (is it even possible for dogs to eat wood?), Any way I tried to calm it again and tried to remove the negative energy from it, but then I wondered what was its energy. So now should I leave it with negative energy, replace it with mine (I'm fire) or what?
NightStripes (7 posts)
11 years ago (2012-07-06)
you should try to contain the dog. Next think of something happy; it can be a memory or something completely made up. Next try to imagine throwing the image or memory at the dog mentally. Multiple images would help. Keep calm. If its calm down a little more feed it or give it a chew toy. If this doesn't help try to over power it with your powers and get it under control. I hope this helps. And good luck!

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