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Terrorist Dream Comes True


I thought I'd share with you another of my many dreams that have come true this week. On January 5th I had a very vivid dream of being in a large city, there was cement all around me and felt like I was at a post office or something because there was a brown box in my hands... It was labeled with what I thought was "Al Jazeera" or something like that, that was the closest name I could come up with.

Then suddenly I was not me, I was a different woman with long black hair. I assumed the package exploded because from there it was like I was watching the rest on a news channel. They showed a map of a city center and were talking about the area affected and that many people were killed. I knew that a woman was the bomber.

I had been feeling very nervous about this one. I posted about it on this site under comments. I had been concerned about this dream happening on US soil but I was wrong, it happened in Baghdad on February 1st.

It was a female bomber like I thought and the name of the market place where it occurred was Al Jadida (not Al Jazeera). The 2 women both held brown boxes filled with birds and were blown up by remote control. The death toll has been updated to 100 with 200 more injured. When I saw photos of the bombing site, the entire center was covered in cement, the sidewalks, the buildings - all cement like in my dream. These 2 women had down syndrome and were kidnapped and completely unaware that Al Qaeda was going to use them as suicide bombers. This makes me so sad and sick to my stomach.

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angleGirl111 (1 stories) (113 posts)
15 years ago (2009-03-09)
That sounds like god called you to help them.
He did to me once.
I had a normal dream
But it was a tidal wave that was later where my field trip was
And then I had a few more times
And the last dream (after I prayed really hard to god) was a note saying the tidal wave was cannelld...
Another thing that happened was
Durning 9/11 a had a vived dream of being a adult (I was young then) and I was running away from the smoke and then I fell...
It was after 9/11
pinkbabe63 (guest)
16 years ago (2008-02-15)
Woh! That sounds really scary, you are definitely psychic! But don't worry just try and use this for good not bad! If you need anymore help please send me a comment. 😁

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