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Different Gifts, Or One In The Same?


Ever since I can remember I have experienced spirit activity. The past 5 years have been more active. I'm just going to explain what has happened since living in my mothers home. (MANY other stuff has happened)

First of all I am an empath. I feel others emotions. I sense when spirits are around. I have smelled smells that are not around. In my mother's home I have smelled burning fire under her attic in the hallway. Seen smoke fill the house when nothing was burning. Voices come through baby monitor, mostly child laughter.

I have had dreams that have came true, but the dream does not represent itself the same as it happens. For example. I dreamed that me and my sisters were in an arcade but for some reason we couldn't get out. Then a tornado hit and tore up arcade. I can't remember anything else. A few weeks later, my dad wrote my sisters and I that the prison he was in had been hit by tornado and he had to relocate.

I use to have extreme night terrors where I would wake up by a blood curdling scream (from myself) sometimes I woke and nothing appeared as it really was, I had such a sence of fear I couldn't move. I have been told one night I woke screaming it sounded as I was thrown against wall and was found on floor screaming and fighting saying "get him off me!" I don't remember this.

I also get vibes off people, as if I need to get away or stay, if they are a stranger. My son shows signs of esp and has seen the ghosts in my moms. I wish I could better understand my gifts. Do night terrors have anything to do with it. Any advise is helpful. Thanks:)

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ladywolf (2 stories) (8 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-20)
there is chaos between me and my mother, I want a relationship with her so bad but she refuses to let the past go. She strongly thinks I am mental and I am not. She keeps my kids from me. They live in her home cause mine is unfit. I believe a spirit in her home uses me to express their emotions. Our rage has never been so bad.
Deepinthought72 (1 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-19)
With your dreams of the future. Do they keep getting worse. I just started having dreams and in one of them my mom fell and hit her head. Then a few days later my mom was doing laundry and slipped. She almost hit her head but I was able to catch her.
Lilylove1 (33 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-19)
Read "Let our children go" by Rebecca Greenwood. You need to break the stronghold of the spirits of insecurity and inferiority. Then you need to break the unhealthy soul ties with those whom brought you trauma (those who did it accidentally too). These spirits will seek out those who have trauma of some sort and clasp onto that you have not given to God to heal. True forgiveness will close those holes so they may not return once you have rebuked them. I did this with my best friend's son who had night terrors. He slept peacefully, even in new places, completely shocking his mother. (His mother had a childhood of parental abandonment)

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