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Mind's Eye Vision Come True


Recently I went out Tuna fishing with some friends, this is the second time I've gone and the first for many of the people I was with. After nearly seven hours, forty miles out to sea on the rough Atlantic ocean we hadn't seen a single fish much less caught one. Most of my companions had given up on the trip and into the lack of sleep. I was sitting over the edge of the ship with my feet hanging over the side as I ride up and crash down with the 5 to 7 ft swells. Though the movement was powerful, it was steady and predictable so I felt safe with both hands on the railing as I sat between two of the long sturdy fishing poles attached to the out-rigging. I had asked the sea to send some fish our way with a donation of a few shiny coins to no avail. So as I sat on the side rhythmically riding up and down with the waves of the ocean I closed my eyes and envisioned a fish in the ocean, I saw a blue fin tuna swimming powerfully and fast through the clear blue water, I concentrated on seeing the details of the fish in my mind's eye. I saw his big eyes and gills and his shiny scales reflecting the sunlight from the surface as he raced through the water. I then envisioned him swimming towards our boat following the lures and bait and singling out one of the ballyhoo that we had placed on the rods attached to the out-riggers. I saw him open his mouth wide and race toward the pointy nosed baitfish. Then I heard a zipping sound at first I wasn't sure if I had imagined it or if it was actually happening. I opened my eyes to find the rod to my right spinning out line with a fury and before I could get my feet back in the boat my sleepy companions came rushing out and began reeling in all the other poles to make room for the half hour fight with the 90 pound bluefin tuna. I'm not sure if my vivid vision was a prediction, a vision of what was happening or if I had possibly changed our luck with my mind's eye. It was so vivid and the fish we caught was the one I saw in my mind's eye, the lure it chose was the same one I had pictured. It's been 4 days and I'm still in awe of the whole experience, I just don't know what to make of it. I do have a grandmother that reads tarot cards and practices astrology and I've had some other psychic experiences mostly involving empathy and really feeling emotions and vibes other people are carrying around with them but so far nothing as profound as this latest experience. I'm hoping that there are some like minded people visiting this site that can give me some insight on what may have happened with my vision. I'm curious to know if this could be something I could do more often and learn to control.

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