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I Am Honestly Scared


I'm Joey. It probably started 4 years ago when I was 9. I would get these dream's. I would not be in them, it was like I was watching from above. The stuff would come true. Then there was this time on my mom's birthday. I told her not to go out, but she didn't listen. I just had this feeling. She got into a car accident and almost died. After that, nothing else happened.

Then, a few months ago, I had a six sense you could say. That my dad was cheating on my mom. A few days later, when I came home, My dad had a "adult" website on and had left it on when he was putting my baby sister to sleep. I told my sister, and she told me to keep it a secret. That was a bad time for me.

This is the truth what I am about to say. They started about a year ago. My vision would go black, and I would fall to the floor. Then I would see pictures like a rapid slide show. The happen often. Then I started to get these dreams again, about stuff happening. For example, I dream t that my friend would break his hand, the next day he came in with a broken hand and arm.

And sometimes, If I think really hard about stuff, it would happen. Like with that card test thing. I picked The Emperor and Chariot every time. And another thing, with the test where you have to make the green bar expand, and harder I thought, the longer the brown bar became.

Any Advice would help.

Thanks -Joey.

Btw, I have never hear of this happening to anyone else before this sit so I am putting all my hopes on you guys on getting answer's.

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