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Tormented By A Ghost


I'm Ashley, 19. Struggling with identity crises, the arrival of a new baby, and the recent break up with the father.

I've actually never really been into any of the supernatural stuff. I've never seen a ghost, had a psychic vision, saw the future, or read someone's mind. However, I do believe (hopefully this doesn't make me crazy) that I could be tortured by a ghost/demon/spirit.

It started years ago. I was really young when I started receiving chronic migraines. They happened usually when I was around large groups of people. And of course I had the normal symptoms of migraines, flashing lights, weird colors around people, and hearing every little sound like everyone was talking loudly all at once.

Nothing could be found wrong with me. It's horrible I tell you. I get this terrible feeling of dread and violently vomit until I can suck down as much medication as possible. I'm shaking, worried, anxious, and hard to control.

I could have chronic migraines, but I recently decided to read up more about it and somehow found myself dragged into sites like this. Labeling migraines as a possible source of, evil? I'm so new to all of this.

And when I was in middle school, I did hang out with kids who were (not sure how to label this but) Satanic worshipers? We used to build fires in the park and burn pictures of people I didn't know. And I had plenty of weird symbols drawn onto my wrist. And I even cut stuff into houses and bark.

I'm just hoping someone who is well rehearsed into the supernatural can just calm down and explain to me why my thinking is irrational.

Thank you. C:

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Snoe (1 stories) (2 posts)
11 years ago (2012-08-08)
It sounds like you are very para-sensative. You can most likely sense the electrical fields around other people. Your brain is taking in everything about everyone all at once, no wonder your head is killing you.

You need to learn how to concentrate your ability. You said empathy sounded like you, from what you've said about crowds, you're probably right. This is something you've had all your life so you don't notice anything strange, but right now you have a lot of emotions you're going through so your brain can't process all the emotions of others as well. Start honing in on one person in a small crowd, focus on them, and only them, see if you can't feel what they're feeling without all the clutter around you. Once you can, go to a bigger group, and then bigger, soon you'll be able to deal with crowds.
Co-Creator (8 posts)
11 years ago (2012-08-04)
You have consciously or sub-consciously invited negativity into your life.

One proven way to eradicate this is by using a time served esoteric practice of covering yourself from the heart outwards. This is achieved by envisaging (imagining) a white mist intermingled with gold emanating from your heart and spreading outwardly encombassing your entirety, inside and out, not missing an inch of your being. This is powerful stuff which NOTHING can penetrate.
Cattydee (12 stories) (161 posts)
11 years ago (2012-08-04)
The colors you see are called auras and they surround living things. They can tell you a lot about someone too. Sorry about the migraines:/ maybe they're caused ecause you don't believe in the spirit world or something. I'm not a doctor I don't know. But what I do know is if you were drawing the pentagrams which is a star type thing then you were messing with evil spirits. And the spirits could still be around you, get someone to "cleanse" your house and see of it helps
UnMagical (1 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2012-08-03)
I looked into the whole Empath thing and it was really scary to read about it.
I found myself agreeing with everything I had read. Like someone had just sat down with me for a while and labeled my whole personality.

I even took a test which helped me out a little.

"You need to learn how to recognize and differentiate other people's energy from yours. Learning psychic/empathic meditation tools will help. You scored extremely poorly on the "Mirroring Others Unconsciously" portion of the quiz. It looks like you have a tendency to mirror other people and their energy. Your score indicates that you would benefit from learning to recognize your own energy vs other people's and cord removal most likely.

You scored extremely low on the "Has Protection Tools" section of the quiz. This means that your ability to protect yourself energetically is really bad. Your empathic abilities are causing you grief. You are no doubt an out of control healer and would benefit from energy healing, cord-removal, and visualization tools for releasing responsibility. You are a wonderful and loving person. You are also what is known as an "out of control healer!" You would benefit immensely from energy work and empathic tools for releasing guilt and responsibility."

I'm not sure if I totally believe in this Empath stuff, but learning more about myself and taking better care of me and not others are certainly things to work on.
And it also makes sense about a lot of my unexplainable fears. I'm still afraid of things my friends are and I haven't seen them in months.
I could never understand why I was terribly afraid of stairs or why spending so much time with my ex and his horrible fear of being claustrophobic caused me to slowly fear even blankets being put over my face.
Thank you so much for your help c:
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
11 years ago (2012-08-02)
This sounds far more like a blocked chakra than anything demonic. Occasionally, a human is born into this life (or can develop early on) an etheric template that has been damaged. The reasons for this are vast (something from a past life, something that happened while you were in the womb, something subconscious you've buried, etc.). When our etheric template becomes damaged or our chakras blocked, torn or closed, we develop physical symptoms.

Chronic and debilitating migraines are not normal. "Something" causes them whether a doctor can find them or not and since they possess not a single device to detect a block chakra, on to medication we all go!

You're dealing with the impending birth of a child and having to raise this without the father? It's no wonder that what could have started when you were young is being exacerbated by these circumstances. I am so sorry for your struggles.

What I do recommend (if you're looking for that, if not, move on to the next comment) is to be sure to take some time out for YOU. With your sensitivity to crowds and noise, you are probably an empath and empaths (whether you believe in this or not), have to take special care of themselves to stay balanced. They have to eat well, refrain from crowds and chaos, hopefully be near something natural like a park, lake or something soothing, find quiet time and so on. It's also my hope you have some strong family ties to help you with this difficult time.

As far as working on a blocked or damaged chakra, you can only proceed if you are interested and feel that resonates with you, otherwise you can pursue the demonic path, though my intuition doesn't get the sense that's your issue (despite your childhood affiliation this is still pretty rare and your symptoms don't line up).

I do hope you are okay and pull through this very difficult time!

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