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Was It A Vision Or I Am Psychic?


I was totally awake. I was driving.

Middle of the day, busy road, big intersection. The intersection is a mess- each of the four roads has the same right turn lane, left turn lane, straight (in the middle) lane and I was in the straight lane, cars on either side of me. I was waiting for the light, which was letting the east-west lane turn left and the lady in the opposite right turn lane was waiting for the left turn people to go ahead of her. I would follow right behind. I was hoping she wouldn't get in front of me. She was old, small, black, well dressed, and in a green 4 door mid 90's Buick and was for sure going to go super super slow- and I really really really had to pee.

She didn't turn and I got to go in front of her. I turned my head to thank her for letting me pass- BUT IT WASN'T HER! It was a large, over 6ft over 300lbs, black man with long dread locks and a white t-shirt and black baseball hat. It freaked me out! I go home (go pee) and turn on the t.v., a few hours later I was flipping through channels and the news came on- HE was on there- under arrest for murdering a woman for her GREEN 4 DOOR MID 90'S BUICK, She was in the trunk! It still freaks me out. She was so pleasant looking, she was smiling at me.

She had on a pill box hat with a veil, she was wearing blue and black and it all shimmered -like silk or shinny polyester, she had a brooch on her scarf, I don't think she was over 5 foot tall- There is no way, absolutely, no way I mistook her for this guy.

It's not the only experience. But it is the strongest.

So was it a vision-for real? Am I psychic?

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Cattydee (12 stories) (161 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-04)
Could be. When did the lady die? Before or after your vision happened? Also could you post another one? It sounds pretty interesting
tmanning (4 stories) (26 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-02)
Wow that sounds really scary. If you saw plain as day an older small black lady that was dressed nice and then you looked a second time and saw the man that murdered her and then saw it on the news shortly after I would definently call that an experience. Not so much psychic because you didn't see the murder and you didn't know what had happened until you saw the news but perhaps you saw her presence. Perhaps the lady didn't know what had happened and still saw herself driving the car and you saw her spirit. Psychics do see on all different levels, just to be clear I was trying to say not clarvoyant but yes you could be psychic in the manner that your third eye can see spirits.

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