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Show No Fear


I'm young. But I've seen and experienced far beyond what an average 16 year old would. I've been haunted, attacked, followed, stalked, hurt and scared for over a year of my life. I've seen things that would make a grown man scream and cry, I've experienced things that would chill you to the bone. Unbelievable, scary, sometimes amazing things that are burned into my memory and soul. A premature kundalini awakening shook up my life. Demons, Angels, and God all came into play. Things I didn't understand, and even worse, some things I did understand. I survived it. So can you.

I have one piece of very important advice. Stop being afraid. I know it's the hardest thing to do. For me, it was all about facing my fears head on.

Example: A light at the end of my street would go out whenever I went under it. It scared me out of my wits when I came to a slow stop directly underneath it and as soon as I stopped, I'd be plunged into darkness. It happened when I walked under it too, and that was always the worst. Each time, overwhelming fear would wrench my gut and make me break out in a sweat. I'd step on the gas, or scream and start running until the next streetlight, which would start flickering. This sounds a lot less scary than it was. The slow approach to the light, each time KNOWING it was going to go out. That was worse than the actual fear. I started to avoid going by that light, making my life difficult and increasing the fear of it.

Then I got mad, and FORCED myself to go that way, even if it meant doing it multiple times a day. I sat at the stop sign each time for the allotted 3 seconds, and had different ways of dealing with it on different days. Some days I faced it with unyielding silence, other days with my favorite song on full blast screaming along with it. Some days I merely flipped it the bird, or stuck my tongue out at it. I literally spat in the face of my fear multiple times, and slowly it stopped doing it. Now I have no fear of going that way and it never goes out anymore.

And if it does, I know what I'll do. I'd look up and say "Really? I thought we got past this nonsense." Having a plan helps, but being ballsy and ACTING fearless is better. If you act like it enough, it'll start to become true.

So, if I can get out of the dark place I was in, so can you.

Just remember,

Show No Fear.

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