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Dream Or Vision


Dream/vision 1

Sat 19/05/12 3.30am

Dream or Vision:

I was shown this white snake with coloured rings around the front half of its body. Dark Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, Red, Black rings.

I was up close, it was on a black grey base with black grey sides and back.

I was told this is a dream or vision then it was like l was pulled back by about 3 feet and l was told "you are now awake"

I was then showed a leaf, it looked like it was made out of fern, but it had the shape of a normal leaf

I was up close, l was told "this is a dream or vision" then l was pulled back by about 3 feet and was told "you are now awake"

I was shown about 6 things, but these stayed the clearest in my mind.

Always the same up close told this is a dream or vision

Then pulled back and was told you are now awake

I Woke hot kicking blankets off, eyes playing up white flashing irises (eyes), thirsty and the bed was totally trashed

I got up and had a drink and biscuit, while thinking about what l had seen Thinking it didn't make sense.

When l went back to bed, as soon as l laid down, a Voice or Thought in my head said They were showing you, your going to see the future, you will see the future. You will see people die, you will see friends die, but it's the future, l think they then said it can be changed if you want too this part was fading out l then feel back to sleep.

Dream/Vision 2

Sun 01/07/12

Dream or Vision

A girl was walking on the edge of a cliff or step decent (it was on her right had side), it was summer.

She was wearing faded blue jeans, a bluish grey top that went to her wrist,

(I could see the weave in her top). The wind was blowing her hair to the right,

She slipped and went over.

In the next part of the Dream/Vision l was standing in the office, with one of my friends.

He asked do you want me to pick you up, or are you going to pick me up for the funeral. I said

L really didn't want to go, he replied we should we've known her for about 15yrs. I replied its alright for you l seen it happen don't forget

Woke hot kicking blankets off, eyes playing up white irises (eyes), thirsty and the bed was totally trashed

L wasn't part of the Dream/Vision but it was like she was walking towards me. L do know her.

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Cattydee (12 stories) (161 posts)
8 years ago (2012-08-25)
Okay well obviously if the thing told you that you will see the future then it's true. L could be your work partner or a close friend, you won't know until late in life. I also dream of the future but I haven't seen someone die in my dreams. I do know there are ways to stop them though. You have to delay that person from doing what they were doing in the dream. With me I just have to tell people about my dream while the event is happening and then the fate hanged course. Later when you know L and she goes on a trip or vacation someplace with a mountain or on a hike tell her not to. Tell her about your dream and it will change fate. If she believes you and stays away then that definitely changes things. Okay well hope this helped.

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