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I'm Experiencing Something Following Me


When I was about 2 I was really upset one morning my parents had been shouting at one another since I'd woken up and my sister had a big row with my dad. I was sat at the bottom of our stair case crying and I was almost, I don't know drawn to turn around. When I did I could see a little old man walking towards me. To this day I can tell you exactly what he looks like. I moved to touch him and as I got to the step before him he disappeared. Years later I spoke to my mother about it and she said it sounded like my great grandad, her grandad Pop. He had helped raised her as a child. She was very close to him before he died. I'd never known this it wasn't as if I had thought of it because she had told me about him. I just remember suddenly feeling very safe.

Since then I have had an interest in Spirituality, reading books etc., on it but as I got older the more worried I became about the consequences and left it well alone.

As I've got older I've rekindled with a boy I was friends with through my childhood. We've been together a while. People often go to call me his wife or him my husband. Because we have that sort of relationship. We drive each other nuts but it's like, We are 'meant' to be together I had never believed in soul mates until I met him.

We together have started reading up on spirituality and started to practice witchcraft in its most innocent forms of willing things to happen, protecting with crystals etc.

The strange thing is he confided in my mother a few nights ago about a man following him around. He'd be drawn to a space in the room and this man would appear. He described him to my mum and she showed him a photograph of my Pop, the same man I had seen as a child. It was him. He was following my boyfriend the young man I call my soulmate around.

We've both always been very 'switched on' per say. We both get weird feelings when something is wrong with someone we know; For example I had the most horrible feeling, I felt sick. It wasn't me though I couldn't figure out who it was I rang my friend Jodie who I hadn't seen for a while and she had been attacked by her stepdad, he had stabbed her in the arm. I had felt this several times before when friends had felt depressed or had similar issues.

Lately I have felt something watching over me, through my years on and off I have felt something watching me in my sleep right above my face he stands next to my bed a black blur with a face and watches me. For many years it scared me. I spoke to my mother about it and she said my sister had, had the same issue as a child. My sister is the least spiritual person you could imagine she had never been like me or my mum. So it surprised me a great deal we had both experienced it.

But more recently the last few days I have felt something watching me. Like something horrible is going to happen the only way I can describe it is as if something is lying wait. There is a witch near my house, she's a very powerful white wiccan and she has cleansed her home and protected it- She can feel it too (she is friends with my partner, which is how I know).

What I feel isn't right near me ex; I was in the bathroom and I just knew it was stood beside the door outside waiting for me. As soon as I opened the door, almost feeling as If I had bumped it with the door. There it was I could feel it again the black figure. I do not think it is the same black figure I felt when I slept months ago or my Pop. I feel as if I have felt it before, but its new at the same time. Now, I feel safe. But last night I was nearly being sick, I felt like the air had been drained out of the room until all I could feel was my own breath, and the goosebumps all down my right side.

I was very ill last night I still feel rough today. I want sick or anything but I felt dreadful, dizzy and nauseous. I haven't felt that way in a long time. Like food poisoning but worse. A few days ago I was in bed alone, in the dark. (I know that's detailed but I feel they are important) I would normally have a radio playing or something but I was tired and didn't think about it. I recently had a pregnancy scare. I was very upset it was negative, as deep down I know I would like to start my family. I was sat in bed willing for myself to be pregnant wishing, demanding I don't know. But suddenly I felt something breathing on my face, I held my breath to see if it was my own but I don't think it was. Then I turned over on to my front telling myself I was being silly, I was tired, It'd been a stressful week with the scare. Then I felt it. A very distinct feeling across my back. Like someone was sat on my or had both hand placed firmly on my back between my bra and bum. I didn't know what to do. It wasn't painful I was in shock I very quickly jumped out of bed and switched on the light, But nothing was there. I felt like there was though, lurking even if I could not see it. It was male and it had been led beside me. Breathing on my face.

Last night when I felt sick, my boyfriend rubbed my back to relax me, as I couldn't sleep through feeling sick and we were talking. He does reiki, he was doing it on my back (I wasn't aware I could feel this thing in the room still I was very distracted.) suddenly he stopped and asked if I was okay I said I was fine. He said he had felt a very, very strong push back in energy from the place the thing had touched me the few nights before. It wasn't me, I hadn't pushed back I had no need to force his energies away. But my boyfriend is a very strong spirit his energy is a force to be reckoned with and this thing shocked him it pushed him and his energy right off me. We were stunned and I told him all about my weird feeling that something was following me. He told me it wasn't my Pop, he knew what Pop felt and looked like better than I did and it wasn't him. So now I sit here. Very confused. I don't know what it is, I just know I still feel drained from last night. I feel like all my senses have heightened almost as if I'm waiting for something to go horridly wrong yet at the same time I'm very dazed and fluttery (Fluttery as I'm my hand feel light yet I seem to be knocking over and falling into everything)

I can't feel this thing right now watching over me, but I know it will be back.

I'm scared.

I don't think the thing following me, and the thing that touched me are the same thing, although both male nor are they the same as the thing that watched me sleep. But I'm unsure. They all have similar dominantly masculine qualities I am scared of at the time but am not frightened as I look back. Its unnerving.

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IONEK (17 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-07)
ive seen it. I channeled it to myself. Infact. It seems you are afraid to move to the other side... It seems your soul and your faith has been lacking latley? Why is this? The collector came for what it wants. It won't leave until it gets it.

I see the things your scared of everyday. I have no soul. I don't give a damn. Their brothers of darkness
"shadow people" start asking your creator for forgiveness or this collector will take its toll and move on to the others on the list.
IONEK (17 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-07)
this thing. It manifest's on fear. This thing. Is not one to play with. This thing. Likes the house to be dark. You can't force a child to play in a ball pin if it doesn't want to. Same thing with this thing. I'm calling it a thing becouse its lurks it stalks and it attacks its prey when they see pure fear in their eyes in the time of weakness it will look deep into you and see you were you stand and take a part of you you will never get back. This thing wants somthing from you. I feel it. Its energy is mild. Its not to great but not low. Its mild. If you want to make it go away. You must look fear into the eyes itself and not be afraid.

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