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I do not exactly know when this began. I tend to remember two weeks later about the feelings and visions when an event happens. I remember because, these things felt real that scared and sadden me at the time, but I didn't know what to make of it or to believe. I can lay out the day in detail when I had a feeling and or vision. I know now to take it serious and what this gift I have is called, "Premonitions". I have a few to share with you:

Mid School 7th grade: I was waiting to cross the road to get to my bus. I had an awful feeling and to look behind me so I did. I was directed to a guy friend who was smiling and laughing walking in between two girls with his arms around them and "cancer" came to mind. My smile turned to a frown when cancer came to mind. I was now able to cross the road. I walked to the bus confused and sad. That is all I could think about going home. I didn't really see him much and forgot all about my feeling. Do not remember seeing him throughout high school, too. There was one time after high school I gave him a hug. After we graduated high school together in the year 2010. He died from cancer. After I found out he had died... I do remember walking past a guy who was bald and could tell that he had cancer at graduation not knowing it was him. But, now that I look back and remember it as if it was yesterday. It was him I saw. I just did not take notice. I remember feeling sad for whoever that was that walked past me and looked at me. He always made me smile and laugh. I am sorry and I miss you Buddy!

At home 11th grade year: Early January, 2009 around 2 A.M. I was sitting at the computer and started feeling anxious and thinking about death for some odd reason. My sister's friend came to mind. A vision of her in a blue hollister hoodie laying in a casket dead with her hands on top of each other. I was freaked out! The next day when I was in the car with my sister, I had asked her why her and (not mentioning her name) do not hang out anymore... (Blah blah blah)... I didn't want to say that I envisioned her friend dead. I said to her, "well, you two were like sisters and that you should hang out more." In march that year, she was murdered. Newspaper stated (not exact words) that she left home around 1:00 in the morning to go meet a friend to grab something. Before she left, she wrote on AIM that she will be back. Her text message stated to the friend that she was, "Here". That is how the investigation came about. She was probably taking her last breath around the time I got anxious early January around 2 A.M. It may of been January 3, around 2 A.M. Because she was murdered on March 3, and are guessing around 2 A.M. Because her cell phone was off. I went to her viewing and here she was what I envisioned. Even though I feel sorry, but I do not think there could of been anything that I could of done. I was not given how or when. We all miss you and can't believe what that jerk has done! We will see you someday!

High school 10th grade: My health class was doing a group project. Most of us were done. I was just sitting down all by myself relaxing and this guy that was also sitting all by himself sat next to me by the window. He stood up out of his seat to go sit across the room with some friends before the bell rang. Immediately, I get this awful feeling and, "car wreck" came to mind. A vision of the vehicle, road, time of day, and buddy who he was with: Green explorer type vehicle, St Frances road, night time, and a buddy of the name Matt. (Not going to say his last name.) I knew them both and of the area, (st. Frances road) very well. (This is still around the time I am unaware what to make of it and to believe.) It felt so real and did not want to make a fool of myself. I was questioning whether to tell him or not. I went on Facebook and just didn't. I regret it now that it had happened! I am so sorry! A year later after we graduated together in October, he died. I first found out from people on Facebook saying "RIP". I went into work the next day and my friend knew someone of the family and so she said that she would text her. The person she texted said, " We are still at the hospital and he is in a vegetable state and that the parents might pull the plug if nothing happens around 11 P.M." He later died that night. Finally, Newspaper showed a green explorer vehicle at St. Frances road at night time and the name of his buddy, Matt who was driving. Even though I read and saw that in the Newspaper, I did not connect it to my feeling and vision. It was one or two weeks later when I was at work out of nowhere I remember the day when I had the vision and feeling, just the same as the other events that had happened. I could of done something about this one! Therefore, I am so sorry once again! This is why everyone should take these things seriously!

Mid Scool 7th Grade: I left the lunch room. Went to my locker and was on my way to typing class. I heard a sound of books dropping close to my locker. Looked over and some tall skinny kid said, "You just got beat up by a sped" to this guy I did not know. I felt bad. He had already started picking up his books and I get this feeling that we are going to date someday. I remember walking to my typing class thinking... That was weird. And what do you know. He is the guy who messaged me one late night my 10th grade year October 1st before my birthday October 3rd through Myspace. We met up at school because we went to the same school. Started hanging out and eventually dated. He once told me the story about the kid who knocked the books out of his hands in mid school. I seemed to remember it without him going on with the story. (because in the back of my mind. He told me he got picked on a lot because of his weight problem) and it clicked even though he is now skinny. He is Italian and has black hair. And it just clicked and I asked, "That was you!? Was there a tall skinny guy that said You got beat up by a sped? And was your locker on the third floor by the girls bathroom?" He was speechless and said yes. I remember what happened at the time like it was yesterday and what he had looked like. I then remember how I felt going to my typing class. And we are still together and have a kid together. All I can say is wow.

There are a few more and I had experience with spirits as well. Anyone is welcome to come and talk to me about anything. Just know to take these things seriously even though it may seem a little odd and silly.

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jessicaleighx3 (1 stories) (2 posts)
10 years ago (2012-10-17)
It is so hard to explain why and how, but best of luck and let me know of anything as well and thank you!
IntuitiveMama (22 posts)
10 years ago (2012-09-17)
I've had the same feelings or sometimes visions about people: knew they were pregnant before they told me, knew one guy was going to die soon, etc. I always knew the minute I heard about the outcome that I'd "known" the info before. In the last 10 years I've learned to pay attention to those out-of-the-blue visions or notions. Luckily nothing bad has come to me in a few years. I use my intuition all the time though for when I meet someone new or work stuff. I'm still learning, but have found it helps to send out vibes that you want only positive information. Best of luck and let us know anything in the future!

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