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Losing Psychic Energy?


Greetings, I have a few problem I would like some help on. I have never been a very adept psychic my entire life, but have always felt I had some psychic potential somewhere. I recently started trying to improve myself. I found that I am a an empath, and can move energy from one person's aura to another, as well as being able to absorb energy from my surroundings. However, I have run into a few problems:

When I try to absorb energy from my surroundings, the energy I absorb will only last for a short while (minuets to hours) before simply disappearing, like a tide going out from shore. I also cannot use this energy for any personal use, and can only give it to others.

When I try to move energy from one person to another, it is usually my energy to another, or someone with a lot of energy to another who is lacking. However, one day just to experiment a bit, I tried giving someone some energy, and taking some of theirs in the process. I'm not really sure how to describe what happened next other than it felt like I had suddenly been sucked into their personality, and was a part of them, and it took me three days to get away from them. For a while after, this person became extremely clingy to me, and I had to go to great lengths to get away from them. (I now find this highly amusing, but it IS over a year later. Many things are funny after they happen.)

The only time I can ever use any energy for personal use is when I find little "pockets" of it in my mind/soul/body, which even then are extremely weak, and are barely enough to make a decent psi-orb. I once had a steady stream if the stuff, and could watch people at the store and predict what they were going to do, minuets in advance, with perfect accuracy. However, after a while, something caused me to lose all of this energy, and I have never since then been able to predict anything correctly (as a matter of fact, a good rule of thumb is that whatever I predict, the opposite will happen). I really want to give that energy to the people around me, but I have no idea how to access it again.

Thank you for your time, Exglabrum

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-17)
Individuals whom work with energy, have to replenish

If you glen energy within the Golden stove,
This is one method.

But I have always found rotating energy around,
Clearing,balancing is helpful.

If you are willing to dicipline.
I recommend: Rudolf Steiner
Guidance in Esoteric Training.
Strangly it is not so Esoteric...woo-woo.
A very basic book, with good ideas.

Prayer, or chanting is good, but one has to pay
Particular attention to how:emotions/feel come out.
The body has a voice, so important to listen.

Other methods are using hand positions with a chant.
But with these you have to really know yourself.

There is a good training book
Emotional Yoga
By Bija Bennett.
She speaks about using the breath as well as
Training the mind. A little about exercise positions.

The symptoms about your mind moving in that
Direction is indicating. The mind is going back to
Position but slowly.
So be patient use some breathing, allow yourself to
Observe the thoughts, then use a little grounding.
exglabrum (4 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-16)
Thank you PathR.
Guess that means that I'll have to stop giving out energy then! 😕 I come from a family (and town, practically) of skeptics, and generally get laughed at whenever I mention this kind of thing, so asking to give someone energy is out of the question. Thank you!
exglabrum (4 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-16)
Thank you for your time. I managed to find what I assumed was my inner energy, but after I managed to tap into it, I became increasingly mentally unstable for a day and a half (seeing things, inability to think on a very high level, random nonsense daydreams, etc). I tried meditating to get myself back in order, but when I did, I felt like my mind was literately falling apart, and had to stop. It has started to go away, but how can I make sure that doesn't happen again?
fight4freedom (2 stories) (40 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-16)
Maybe you need to stop looking for external sources of energy and reach inside for it. A lot of times people view the answers as something that they are not capable of coming up with on their own. Our psychic abilities originate from within so naturally wouldn't the energy originate from within ourselves as well? We all have a set frequency that our energy is on and often times under stress or times of hardship our frequency gets cluttered, please try to free your mind (meditation works amazingly for this try it under the moonlight. The moons energy is AMAZING for healing just as the suns is for growth.) I recently helped a friend who was using nothing but external energy sources for his psychic abilities which caused him to feel like pure garbage after using them to awaken his internal energy which has overall improved every aspect of his life health, energy, abilities, mood and relationships with others.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-15)
exqlambrum, I will try to explain a few universal
Laws. Please read this over a few times.
As this is not a judgement all humans are learning.

Normally when dealing with individuals. The other
Person or persons must consent to our moving energy.
Exception: is getting the ok from the individuals
Higher self.
Other wise this is a violation of Free Will.

On a subconsious level our mind and heart knows this!

As humans can go against this.
Once we do, the idea of being sensitive seems to
Becomes lessened in us. The normal instinct that
Would give us a heads as to the individuals energy-
Life, persona is not too good. It not show to us what areas assistance is required. Its as if our psychic thinking is clouded,
Because the head of perception is based on our will- mind, not the conscious connected to light.

When we exchange energy there must be a refilling,
Or a connection with the Universal consciousness to
Flow as an open conduit of as a spirit channel.

Presently you are just blocked.

Do some walking in nature.
You can use a bath: of sea salt and baking soda 1/2 a cup.

Then do 3 other baths with barley, doing some contemplating
And interal dialogue checking why this occured.
Your higher self will emphasize other thoughts.

I believe if you read some books on Reiki as well
As work primarily on moving energy within your self.

The prompting/knowing will return, and a learning of
Knowledge will be with you to glean/collect energy in
A reservoir can be held within yourself, bring balance
And energy back.

When you are your normal self.
Asking permission from people, utilize the tools you
Have learned from some of the books and ask your
Guide to help you.

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