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A Strange Coincidence


One day last summer I decided to go to our local museum for a look around. There was no one with me as I walked through the museum as I got about halfway through the museum it felt like something grabbed a hold of my neck like and turned it so I looked at a billboard that was in there about a horrific car accident that happened in the 1940s; then all of sudden it turned again this time at a church statue, I was kind of shook up thinking it was something telling me I was going to have a accident on the way home and die. Well, I made it home safe and sound so I relaxed, but was puzzled by what happened so I decided to google my town, 1940s car accident thinking I was going to find what the billboard was about instead, I found out that somebody famous had been killed here in a multi-car accident, he was a minister and he was born in the 1940s so it seemed like something was giving me a clue about him more The billboard was of a multi-car accident hence he was killed in a multi-car accident; the accident took place in the 1940s-he was born in the 1940s and the church statue I was "forced" to look at-it said was a minister when he was here. Upon searching more about him I found out that many people were searching for answers on how he died. Well, since I grew up here it wouldn't be hard to find out more about his accident so I did and many people were thanking me for the info I gave them on it. I was telling my friends about my creepy experience and many have said that they think he could have possibly contacted me that day at the museum-could this be true?

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Sunshinegurl (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-09-21)
So according to the comments my friends were right in that he did contact me. Another creepy thing that happened with him was one time I typing something on the computer and was trying to think of something to say my fingers were not touching any keys all of a sudden part of the paragraph turned blue and disappeared-that was freeky. If he did contact me I wonder if he wants something?
brightpup2 (guest)
10 years ago (2012-09-20)
yes chant the words Irishinia Tubandar over and over while your eyes are closed. Then remember the feelings and sensations you had when you felt the grabbing and accept it as an oppertunity to do good.
crucemsanctam (3 posts)
10 years ago (2012-09-20)
Be careful, you may have seen the energy left behind by this man... When you "die", your soul (YOU) leave; so be careful, it may be a malignant entity trying to drain your energy.

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