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Evil Leads To Unknown Abilities


I used to live in Perez Acres in Guam, I had a slight relationship with God, and was baptized, but then strayed away from my path with God. Living in this house, when you walk into the house you immediately see this wall full of mirrors touching each other. There was always something about that wall of mirrors that just told me something about it. Long story short, I was living with demons and the wall of mirrors was 1 gateway to hell.

I believed in angels, but not demons because I never experienced nor seen one. My roommate at the time told me things were happening in his room (where the main demon lived) and that he didn't want to talk about it. He left my house 2 weeks after living there saying something groped him and squeezed hard to the point of making him cry. He listened to Ska (Heavy Death metal music) and I believe this brought out the evil even more in the house. I didn't believe him and I still kept living in the house.

Not even a week after, things started happening to me. I had strange feeling that something evil was watching me. That I had the hairs all over my body stand up, it was as if it was standing within 1 foot of me. I had several experiences in that house

-Waking up to the Grim Reaper by the side of my bed

-Whispers of Latin and gibberish next to my face as if it was trying to distract me from saying the Lord's prayer

-Seeing a 2 foot by 2 foot skeleton face with a hoodie smiling at me

-Seeing children's hand prints all over the mirrors of the house

-Seeing a demon in the A/C vents

-Seeing/feeling the demon leave my house when it was blessed

-Seeing ectoplasm rotate a Jabbawockee mask 180 degrees

-Having my friends being scratched (Deep, long almost engravings) on their forearms and backs

In my friend's house, I was holding my girlfriend (now wife) and suddenly felt paralyzed, and something telling me in complete anger "Kill her, hurt her!" It took me 3-5 tries to cast it away and we left the house.

Those were some of the evil things that I have experienced. A couple days ago, I was reminiscing in a way about why it all happened. That I must have some kind of gift, or blessing they don't want me to see.

So tried doing something, and it worked. I was able to move objects with my mind. I tried it on a psi-wheel and was able to move it clockwise and counterclockwise. I am also able to channel energy from my body into something or form a psi-ball, and I can channel energy from some other source (such as fire) into something else (I tried it on a psi-wheel).

I am a devout Christian and have a wonderful relationship with God. I am not afraid of these evil spirits, even when they try to visit me and instill fear, because God gave me power over them. I have asked God to let me know if this "gift" I have is really from Him or if it was adopted from the demonic forces that meddle with me. By the way my mom, can sense when someone is in danger or needs help, and she saw many things such as ghosts and demons growing up. I am just waiting on God's answer for my prayer and also having my prayer group pray over me and cast any bondages that may be clinging on to prove whether or not, this is a true gift from God, and not something evil spirits would counterfeit such as Jezebel.

What do you all think?

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Love1st (guest)
9 years ago (2013-11-08)
I believe that any gift can be used for good or evil. The source of goodness, healing energies, and positiveness is love. Love is the basis for all creation and is, more or less, the creative life force (i.e. God). If you are doing something out of love, then it is probably a gift from God. If you are doing something out of hatred, spite, anger, or fear then it is probably based in evil. Pray for help and guidance. Trust yourself and your inner voice/intuition/positive spirit guides.

More than likely your experiences awakened a dormant gift.

Spirits can take on different forms, so it is altogether quite possible that the evil entities were more or less just messing with you because they could. Don't be afraid of the evil spirits and don't hate them. You can tell them to leave you alone from a place of love. If you send negative energy their way, that only feeds them and allows them to grow. If you send healing energy out of love, you can overcome them. That doesn't mean being a doormat. You can still respectfully ask someone to leave if they are being rude. You can still protect yourself. Just don't do it with hate or anger. Same as if they were a human in-the-flesh visitor.
Cattydee (12 stories) (161 posts)
10 years ago (2012-09-23)
Okay so it's probably a gift that you recently stumbled upon. My grandma once said she saw the grim reaper OMG DEJAVU at the foot of her bed a few weeks before my grandpa died. So the signs o death by your bed could mean anything from you or someone else is going to die or that the demons are just effing with you.

Best thing to do is to make a ball of light surround you and fill it with good and it will protect you from evil. Since your believe in god pray to him and talk to him not as a thing higher than you but as a friend and ask if he will help you with the demons. Mirrors are the #1 way to another demention. Hell being one of them so a way to close the gate is to cast out the demons and when there is protection over the house destroy the wall of mirrors. Well that's my best idea but thigs could go wrong with that. Talk to your mother and see what she has to say since she is use to this.
arjay (1 stories) (5 posts)
10 years ago (2012-09-21)
I want to keep seeing it. That makes me something special. How can you move object chaniling chakra, and etc
aznmagic (1 stories) (8 posts)
10 years ago (2012-09-21)
To see if it is a gift from God you must speak with God and ask Him. Right now I am wondering myself if mine was a gift and awaiting His answers. I looked online and it has mixed reviews of either being a gift or a part of witchcraft, but I never got into witchcraft or the occult and have been praying to God about it.

What do you need help with exactly, to stop seeing things altogether or what to do with it?
arjay (1 stories) (5 posts)
10 years ago (2012-09-21)
Hi this is arjay. Can you help me. How did you do that? You comment on my stories how did you now it was a gift how will I know if its gift from god?

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