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Sorry I didn't go here for one year. So in my past few stories, i've mentioned floating/hovering downstairs, and I did some research 'floating downstairs as a kid'. I've seen so many people that also had this dream. Most of the comments mentioned 'lucid dreaming'. And also, most of the authors were remembering it as a real life experience, but some others are not sure whether it's a dream, or real. Well, as for myself, I felt like it was really a memory. I did not think it was a dream. I even showed my brother how I did it. And, I have one more, when I showed it to my brother, I dragged him in front of our mirror (big mirror) and I jumped, knowing that I could do it, I wasn't nervous, I was calm. I just jumped, and viòla, My brother was surprised. Then, we went downstairs to eat. He even told me, "Hey, how did you do that thing?, you think you can teach me?". I said, I don't know... See? I think it isn't a dream, because for a dream, this is kind of long. And don't you guys wonder why most of people have experienced this? They don't mention it to anyone, because it doesn't seem like something big, or they just forget to talk about it. I've asked my mom, but she doesn't really care. And also levitating (in my research) was kind of not good, it said it was like being possessed but I don't think I was. I don't think I can do this again. It only happened when I was a child. I tried so much, but nothing happened, I've also tried meditating, but I guess, it's a little bit noisy in my place, so any of you guys, experienced this? If you do, please share it with me, because I don't remember some stuffs, that you might have experienced. And also, feel free to ask questions. Thank you.

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Harmonia (1 posts)
6 years ago (2017-12-16)
So, obviously, this very delayed. But I experienced floating down the stairs myself. When I was seven (no my memory isn't false or foggy, I'm in the 2% of my age division worldwide for recall) I had a birthday party and we were all going to watch the second Little Mermaid. I was last and I liked bouncing down the stairs. Our stairs were bent in an L shape too (so they went straight then they turn right at the bottom). I went for the first step and slipped, but instead of falling everything slowed and I hovered. I could hear a slight hum and it almost reminded me of when a computer screen glitches. Then at the bottom platform I turned right and everything sped up (I also ran into a wall and everyone laughed). My father had a similar experience when he was about 15 and he went to kick a "For Sale" sign in midwinter. He was with a friend and as he kicked he slipped and slowly hovered backwards (he also heard humming sound). He landed soflty (when he should've hurt his back) and his friend had seen everything. My sister also had a similar experience and my parents witnessed it. She was about four and jumping on a bed that was parallel to a window. She ended up jumping on the ledge and was about to go through a window. Both of my parents were to slow to reach her. Then, despite the obvious trajectory, she slowly hovered straight down.
reginalynn81 (guest)
11 years ago (2013-08-14)
omg! I'm so nervous right now, I remember floating as a child but I thought my mind was tricking me or something... I remember I was in school (4-5yrs old) we were in line ready to go to lunch and for some reason this kid cut in front of me and I got upset so we pushed each other and the teacher told me to go to the back of the line and I did, well I remember pushing off with my feet and I landed in front of the line again when the teacher turned around she saw me and said I told you to get in the back ... I remember the boy saying woah how did you do that? And I said I don't know that all I remember from that time another time I would play in the back yard of my grandmas house where I was raised and I remember again pushing off with my feet and I was floating in the air and the landing kind of hurt my feet and I remember one time my grandma yelling for me and she said get down from there as I was in the air... I never spoke about this because when I did tell one person they didn't believe me...
Bberry (6 stories) (29 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-28)
Wow! Thank you, I really haven't thought about that.
I just remember it very clear, I even ask my brother about it until now, he still remember it. I actually thought it was a dream, but when I told my brother if he still remember it, he said yes, but it didn't bother him, the way it did to me. It felt like you're confident to do it; like when wiggling your ears? If you know how to do it, and be positive, you can float. That's what I did when I was still a child. And you're right about "No one is born being embarrassed by nakedness." 😊 Thanks again!
Anaelyssa (1 stories) (135 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-27)
I don't think I've ever experienced levitation in real life, but I still have a couple of comments to make.

First, dreams can have various length. Many of my dreams (especially those that I remember) tend to have a distinct plotline, or rather, they could easily be a chapter in a book. This is probably due to the large volume of fantasy reading I've done, but still, just saying that dreams don't have to be short. However, if your dreams are usually short, the length of that memory might indicate that it genuinely happened.

Second, levitating isn't necessarily bad. I remember reading about some nun or saint that could levitate. Also, some yogis claim to be able to levitate.

Third, I have had dreams where I'm walking, but then I notice that I can make my strides longer and longer and eventually float a little above the ground. This floating doesn't automatically trigger my "omg, it's a dream" response like flying does. It seems perfectly logical to my dream self that such floating should be possible in real life (but then so do other things like thinking I have to go back to high school).

Levitating might have something to do with having a dreamlike or childlike mindset. If you don't know that it's impossible, then you might actually do it. When one is an adult, it becomes more difficult to throw off the conditioning of society. (Just like no one is born being embarrassed by nakedness).

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