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Strange Feelings


I'm Shane and I hope you will help me by giving your opinions after reading this.

I just want to share strange feelings that I can't explain.

Well I don't know if am clairvoyant? Psychic? Or maybe crazy:)

I always feel strange feelings in different places but I can't see them. I sometimes feel that someone is always staring and watching at me, walking with me, and most of all, I always feel that there is someone who lay with me every time I lay my body in bed. Sometimes I feel that someone is on my feet. There are times, when I'm taking a bath, I always hear voices in my head but I cannot understand if the voice is singing? Crying? Or if the voice is telling me something.

There are moment (when I'm sleeping at my aunt house) that I totally hear a girl voice crying, her voice is like coming closer to me but I remain my eyes closed because I am really scared! Few minutes later, I hear that there is someone in the bathroom (upstairs) knocking and kicking the door, it's like someone wants to open the door and want to get outside the bathroom. But the door is remain closed. I tell about this to my auntie and asked if there is someone in the bathroom who knocking and kicking the door continuously and she says that no one of them go to the bathroom that night.

We have an abandoned house beside our home and that house is where I am go every time I want to be alone. I am the person who wants to be alone for always. There are times that I am alone in that house, thinking about my boyfriend. I am sitting at the floor, listening love songs, then suddenly a cold air touches my left ear and left cheek which give me an idea that someone is beside me on my left side. I can't take this feeling so I ran as fast as I can and go home. But that was not the last time I go myself in that house. And many strange feelings I felt in that house.

I can't understand what are they. Every time I hear them, or I feel them I always assume that it's not true, that the voices are just my imaginations only. I can hear voices, I feel them but never seen them. Well there are times that I see something in the corner of my eye and when I looked at it, nobody is there. But I am not assume that they are spirits. I always think that they are just my imaginations. Honestly I am scared about these kinds of things so I always thinks that everything I feel and everything I hear are just my illusions.

But this time, I want to hear your opinions and advices.

I am really scared every time I feel something strange, every time I hear them. I don't know if I am going crazy or what!

Please help me, give me some advices.

Thanks for reading guys.


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Chaplinman (1 stories) (3 posts)
10 years ago (2012-09-25)
actually the events that you are feeling are quite common and most liekly are easily explained. Simply put you may have disturbed the spirits of the abandoned house if it was haunted and they were simply lost and could not find a place to go so they followed into your house and are now haunting you.

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