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Possible Psychic Abilities In The Family?


-First off I want to apologize if this does not meet the guidelines, as there seem to be many, but I just need to get someone's opinion on if they think there may be psychic abilities of some sort in my family. I realize this is long, but if atleast one person could read and reply it would be greatly appreciated.

-In my family on my dad's side, there have been a few occasions with me, my dad, and my grandfather, that I think sound a little odd.

-I'll start with my grandfather (Who is now dead) who used to always have dreams of past relatives that have died, and it wasn't just a regular dream, it was almost as if he was communicating with them.

-Then for my dad, he also has had a few dreams like this but one is specific was when he was staying at an old house when he was away for work, and in his dream, (However he didn't really know it was at the time until he woke up) a little girl in early 1900 clothing came up to his room and brought him downstairs, where everything looked like it was from the past, and there were a few of her relatives there. There was an old man sitting on the couch and a woman at the table peeling potatoes to be specific. He then asked her "Can anyone else see you?" and she replied "No, because you are a medium." My father could describe everything perfectly, and he said it was extremely vivid. Also, he said there seemed to be a blue glow around everything.

He also had a dream where he dreamt the lottery numbers, but could only remember 4 of them, and 4 of them were exactly right.

Besides dreams, whenever he walks into certain buildings, especially ones where he knows relatives that have died in there; he gets a very overwhelming feeling of a presence, where he pretty much has to leave because he gets anxious.

One last thing I remember, I'm not sure if this is irrelevant or not, was when my father was very young (Probably 3) and his mother was bathing him, he looked at her and said with a very serious face "You're not my mother, I don't know you." And she obviously was a bit confused but just laughed and said "Of course I am." And he said "No you're not, you're not my mother."

-Lastly, there's me. I should probably add I'm 16. When I was young child (Around 3 years old) there were several odd things my parents could remember me saying, but there were two in particular. One was at my parents wedding, where I was in the church on my uncles shoulders and he was going to go into an empty room to get something, and as soon as he was about to enter I starting freaking out and kept repeating "No, don't go in there there's a lady in a red dress in there." And he just kept telling me there's no one in there (Because there wasn't that he could see, but I was convinced and wouldn't have it) Years later I saw a picture of my dad's mother in her casket (She died when he was 7) and she was wearing a red dress. It clicked for me, when I saw that, and my parents already figured that it was her years before but didn't tell me.

Another interesting occurrence was when my mother came into my room one morning to get me out of my crib, and I kept telling her "Mommy there was bubbles in the corner of my room last night." And I kept pointing to a corner.

I've never really had many dreams that could be considered to be "psychic" however after my grandfather died (The same one mentioned above, and I was around 10.) I had a dream where I was talking to him, and he was telling me he loved me etc. And it was the most vivid thing ever. It also had that blue "glow" like my father's dream had that one time.

One other dream that I remember, (I was probably 7) was I dreamt that my mother bought a certain kind of cereal and that there was a certain kind of prize inside and the next day, she came home with the exact cereal and prize as in my dream without me saying a word. (Weird, I know)

Finally, the only odd thing I notice is that I often see things out of the corner of my eye, and like my father, sometimes if I'm in a certain place; I get this overwhelming feeling that there is a presence there.

-Thank you for reading, and if anyone had an opinion on what may be going on please reply!:)

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mythinkingbox (1 stories) (11 posts)
11 years ago (2012-10-17)
My mom has dreams... More like nightmares. It's scary. They'll have a confusing meaning sometimes. My brother is a very strong psychic. He can see the future, read minds, and see ghosts sometimes... But it's vague. My oldest sister... I don't know what she has, but I have a feeling she is like some healer... Or protector... I don't think she has tuned into yet. Me...I'm clairaudient and telepathic. I never told anyone. It's just a matter of time.
Lyric55 (4 posts)
11 years ago (2012-10-07)
I've also had some expiriences like you have had. I always get the feeling that there is a strange presence in a room or in a certain place. It's really weird because I always feel the same presence when I walk into my room and I get so anxious I want to get out of there as fast as I can. It freaks me out at times because I don't know anybody that can help me and I don't know a lot about it.
Jadeeeee (1 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2012-10-06)
Thank you for the replies! Really means a lot. Like you both said, I feel whatever things me and my relatives have experienced are probably more related to being able to connect with spirits then anything else.
master4556 (1 posts)
11 years ago (2012-10-04)
Well to tell you the truth the truth I believe you are not exactly psychic but that you are more connected to dead than to future stuff and all that so basically your grandfather,father,and you seem to be able to communicate easily with ghosts or ghost can easily communicate with you it a very good gift you could use it to help those ghost live peacefully and all that like a ghost whisperer and there like is really nothing wrong with you or your family gift in fact you should feel proud also what I believe is going on is that your family inherited these gifts from people that were here way before like in 300 bc or something but try to use your gift with a purpose
max727272 (2 stories) (38 posts)
11 years ago (2012-10-03)
To me, there is no certain thing you have to have to be considered 'psychic.' I think you and your family are very gifted. Infact, I hear gifts can and often do run in genetics, so that would make sense. First of all, your grandfather, dad, and you all seem to be very in touch with spirits and the other side through your dreams. That definately makes sense, since when we are asleep we tend to be open to things that we conciously would never believe in. I've had expierience where I've had dreams lead to very strange things the next day. It's a very useful gift to have. When you are a child, you tend to be very open to things that, as we grow up, we close down and lose our belief (it's pretty sad, acually.) So I definately think when you were younger you could have seen spirits, energy, ect. The dream with your grandfather in it, it's definately likely that he was saying goodbye. When you or your father feel that presence I think that spirits are probably around you, or energy. I see energy and it feels just as really as anything else would around me.

Never underestimate yourself. Just pray for all of your expieriences to be positve, and for God's protection. You do have gifts and if you open up to it I think you can do even more (just remember to be patient, unlike myself;) Stay safe and talk to your family about your expieriences! I wish you the best.

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