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I really don't know how to start this but here I go for many year I have been in some weird experience some time I see or feel or dream! But what really gets to me is that some time I feel like some thing is going to happen and I can feel if it's good or bad like if I feel it's going be bad I would try to stop it before it happens I would tell that person but of course they won't listen. I have always felt like something is always around me some time I could see it or feel that it's there! I don't really tell my friends about this but it have always happens to me like when am with my friends some time it feel like I can feel what there feeling or what is going on in there life. But some time I think am just paranoid but I know am not it some time feels like am in a big dream of something! At night I would some time could not feel my body and I would not be able to move any part of my body and would hear whippers in my ear but I know am not dreaming this has been happening very often know. But I just know that some thing is always there. I just want to understand what is happening! Something that has made me feel different to is when my grandma pass always I did not get to see her before she pass away I had these wired side effects when she pass away I was choking, and could not breather and it felt like I was about to die but after that I was told how my grandma pass away and that was the same thing she was feeling when she pass, away. My family members thought they seen my grandma ghost even before she had pass away! But just throwing this out there the moon has always been some thing part of my life for some reason I just really need to understand, what's happening!

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moonlightblue (2 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-01-14)
Thank you very much for your comment that made me thank more about stuff thank very much! 😁
Kelly5678 (1 stories) (10 posts)
12 years ago (2012-10-23)
I know exactly how you feel. When you are feeling that something is about to happen, that is your intuition kicking in. You sound like you are very in tune with your intuition and should always listen to that.
When you feel as if there is always something with you, it's very possible you are feeling the presence of your spiritual guide. Your guide may be connecting with you. When you experience this overwhelming feeling where you are unaware of your body and feel this strong presence near you, try not to fear this. I believe that you are connecting with the other side.
I also believe that you ate an Empath. As am I. We can feel other peoples emotions and have a good insight on what they are like. This is why you felt what your grandmother went through before she passed, it's my belief that at that exact moment your grandmother was connecting with you. I totally understand your feelings of confusion and not knowing what to do. You have a gift and in the beginning it can be scary.
Start off with a little meditation. Get somewhere quiet and close your eyes. Picture your soul leaving the body and going to someplace peaceful. Call on your spirit guide. Don't try to dig for it, just let the answers come. It may take a few tries but before too long you should be able to connect and be in control. Just remember that YOU are in control. Try not to let your fear and emotions get the best of you. I'm here for you of you want to talk! I wish you the very best of luck!

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