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Maybe Someone's Trying To Contact Me


My story with psychic experiences isn't linear or anything but a bunch of random and seemingly unrelated stuff that's happened to me over the years. The very first psychic thing that began happening to me that I can remember is that I started hearing what people were going to say in my head right before they said them. I could barely know the person and it would happen. This started happening to me around the time I finally came out of my shell (my mom believed I was autistic for the longest time and still does) and began socializing with people. I became so empathetic to their emotional vibrations that I'd be sensitive to even the slightest change in tone and overreact to it a lot (and still do). When people got angry it would scare me. I've cooled down a lot since then but I'm still as sensitive to peoples' emotions. Someone can walk into a room, and again, I'll have no idea who they are, and I can tell that they're stressed even if they're good at hiding it. After realizing I could do this I started to try to read too much into people and that caused some drama. The only other ability I had back then was seeing auras (which at the time I thought was just part of my astigmatism). However, and this happened to me during my later years of high school and after I graduated--I began hearing an occasional, deep but benevolent voice in my head that would call my name to me right before I'd wake up, and I'd wake up startled. I've always had vivid, freaky dreams but those would always stand apart from the rest. Then, around 2009 when I was still going out with my first long term boyfriend, I was at the public transit hub about to get on a bus to go to his house when all of a sudden I saw this man who was wearing the craziest getup--a long red cape with gold tassled shoulder pads. He had long blonde hair, a neatly cropped beard and stunning blue eyes, and almost seemed to sparkle--and I was so surprised by his appearance that I pointed and said "look at that guy's crazy costume!" to my boyfriend at the time. My boyfriend had not seen the man and neither did anyone else on the bus, and I looked and looked and looked back for him but he wasn't anywhere. I haven't seen anything like that since, but the dreams got stronger for a while including a voice saying "I am sworn to protect you" and before that " It is now time for you to see". The messages stopped, but twice recently I've seen the silhouette of a tall man with a glowing gold aura, in my head while I was awake. I don't like to think that I'm going nuts...I've done a minimal hallucinogenic drugs and I don't think it's related because the serious vision of the man or whatever it was happened before I really got into any of that. I hope I'll be able to see him again so I can prove something to myself but I really don't know what else to make of it except that maybe someone's trying to contact me.

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callthewind (2 posts)
10 years ago (2012-11-10)
I am glad you are not afraid of these experiences and partly agree with sidney.

If you feel someone (nonthreatening) is trying to contact you, perhaps you could try focusing your energy, like meditating, on that someone. If you begin to feel threatened, stop and be strong with positivity.

Perhaps you can get the sense of what is happening by doing this. Don't so much focus on seeing a man again, but on the message (s) that is there.

Hope this helps even a bit ❤
sidney (2 posts)
10 years ago (2012-11-10)
Maybe this man is your spirit guide, gold auras usually mean higher vibrational spirits, rest assured he means no harm:)

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