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I Lived In A Haunted House


2 years ago I lived in a haunted house and was able to communicate with all of the spirits without the use of a ouija board - as if in physical I told my friend (also a psychic) said that I may be a psychic as well. When we moved house I thought that chapter of my life was finished. I couldn't be more wrong. I have vivid dreams some of which I struggle to wake up from and about 40% come true with a 6 month period and I experience a deja vu moment. When I get angry or are deep in thought my trophies shake. At times I can sense energies of past relatives in a room with me although I can not see nor hear them. I can occasionally hear unknown names being spoken to me by a woman and once I hear these I look them up 9/10 times these people are dead. The other night I couldn't get to sleep until half 6 a.m. Because I felt as if I had an audience looking at me. When talking to a friend or family member and they mention a deceased person they once knew I get a sense they are right next to me and the hairs on my arm stand on end. My aunt's cat (who had never seen me before and hates stranger) instantly came up to me and leaped into my arms purring and licking me. I've been in 3 road accidents and each time I felt as if I was watching myself from above looking down on me, everything slowed down and noises became fuzzed out. I felt a great sense of weightlessness as if my body was numbed out of the panic. I can sense energies and spirits (good and bad) in quite a lot of the places I go to - including my house and my room. Can any one help me please?

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Cattydee (12 stories) (161 posts)
10 years ago (2012-11-18)
You're a psychic and your powers are begining to awaken. It's a little challenging to get used to at first but it'll all be okay.
PatrixieKuchiki (guest)
10 years ago (2012-11-15)
By the way, sorry for the typo errors! I was typing fast since I wanted to answer more posts around here... Really sorry! 😳
PatrixieKuchiki (guest)
10 years ago (2012-11-15)
Three words as an answer, my friend.
Hard to believe, I know. But Shakespeare said it even before that,"There are more things than heaven and earth than are dreamt of in our philosophy".And with the way things are currently going right now with you, I could confirm for you that your spiritual gifts are awakening.
I could say that you have clairvoyant and precognition skills, maybe even medium skills when practiced more.
The problem here is, if you'd choose to use them or not. As far as I know there's a way of turning these gifts off. If you'd continue developing your psychic skills or not is a decision you should make.😐
I advise doing some research via Google about the things you've experienced. It will be easier if you'll be the one to search for some clues to help you deal with this since you're the one who knows best what's happening.
Also,don't forget to ask your spirit guides for help. I assure you they have really helpful insights on tricky situations like this one!They're just waiting for you to initiate contact.😊
More and more people are awakening gifts inside themselves they never they actually had. But to use it or not is once again, a decision I leave up to you guys. And if you decide using it, I hope you guys use it right, for the benefit of]
Feel free to ask if you want to know more.😉

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