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Waking Astral Travel Or Obe?


All my life I hody else have had experiences such as seeing "people" that only I was aware of, prophetic dreams, empathic (disabilities), and even being able to move small objects with my mind (twice).

None of these experiences have constant except for being empathic and the prophetic dreams (a type of warning I believe).

Anyway, the past 2 nights I was lying in bed watching television and I suddenly found myself with my daughter driving down our road to complete some holiday tasks and it was all very familiar, we ran some errands, had meaningful conversations etc. The I slowly came back into 'reality' and I remember very clearly thinking to myself that I had to return and preparing myself emotionally. Yesterday afternoon I was again sitting in my home reading my e-mail and it happened again, I was not even close to tired or falling asleep and each time this has happened I "come to" and I experience a high level of anxiety. At first I feel like I am half here and the other part of me is still catching up.

Each time I experience this it is like I am just picking up where I left off and am totally unaware I have switched "realities" until it is time to return. Once I am back "here" I find myself questioning if this is real or that is.

I have searched for an answer to this as to what this could be and the only thing that comes close is astral projection but I do not leave the state let alone the planet. I am awake and sort of fall into this and th only reason I come back the way I do (as far as I can figure) is perhaps I hear something on the television or something and it pulls me back. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated! I've not ever been frightened by the experiences I've had in the past, not even when I was a child or when seeing spirits, but this frightens me. Also, I am pretty sure if the conditions are right I can do this intentionally, as I started to today but was frightened and stopped and then of course, had an anxiety attack.

Thank you for taking time in reading this. N.

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