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This post kind has something to do with my last post; 'Shadow people, Astral projection And Dark fog'. But I don't think my last one had enough detail.

Anyway, I need help. I used to see all kinds of Shadow beings, I would hear voices and feel like I was always being watched, I would see these big black orbs everywhere, I would see this strange dark fog and one time I was physically harmed by a ghost or poltergeist... Anyway I think you get the point.

Before all of that first started it came in stages; Like, first I started to see shadows out of the corner of my eyes about once or twice a week. But it did't bother me much. It went on like that for a couple months. Then I began seeing the Shadow beings directly in front of me and in the mirrors and I began seeing them more frequently.

Then the Orbs and the Fog started appearing and everything else got worse.

I was so frightened at that point that I started praying more often and I started having a stronger belief in God. A couple months after that everything stopped... Completely.

Now I only see the Shadow beings when i'm depressed or sad...

Anyway, what I need help with is that I want to start seeing the Shadow beings and/or ghosts again, except this time i'm prepared for it and hopefully won't be as frightened. (lol)

It may sound a bit odd that I want to open myself back up to the thing that nearly drove me mad, but honestly, without being able to see them I feel a bit blind, and oddly enough, the Shadow beings made me feel kind safe. I have no idea why.

Thanks for reading! (Sorry if this was boring)

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TheOtherSide (1 stories) (19 posts)
11 years ago (2013-02-01)
you could start cleansing your home with sage. Go research in your local store for it. You could burn it and say firmly to leave your place. Feathering the smoke in doors, windows, and all area of the room. Say a prayer in the bible and call Jesus name to command spirits to leave your home. This only work with less bad spirits or less powerful spirits. Not evil entities or demons. In order to gain your control with demons you must pray daily. No demons dares to go against Jesus. You don't see it with your naked eye but when demons hear prayers, they are being hit by high being and the demons will feel great pain. That demons will leave you alone. But all you have to do is trust in your higher being or Jesus and say your prayer daily as well as when you are confronted with the it. If you can't find sage in your area, you could search online for it. Hope that help
Rosetta1 (1 stories) (76 posts)
11 years ago (2013-01-14)
It is quite simple. Call them with your mind and they will respond. They are now connected to you spiritually and you should be able to call them anytime you wish. Also, You're see Shadows that only respond to negative emotions (which they feed on for energy.) And the reason that the Shadows make you feel safe is probably because they wish to protect you. Oh and if you can't call them, try focusing on them when you go to sleep. They should be able to create a dream so that you and they can interact/communicate. After that, you and they can find a way so that you can reach the other anytime. I'm sorry if this isn't very helpful, but its all I can think of. Good Luck and Good Day, dearie. 😊
laura-li (1 stories) (112 posts)
11 years ago (2013-01-13)
Just so you know, you're not alone. I'm currently going through the exact same thing! And the shadows have hurt me, for some reason they wanted to take my heart out. I know how you feel though if I haven't seen anything for a while it's kind of sad. And if I'm upset a spiritual guide comes to comfort me. Your someone who was chosen to have this 6th sense thing so I will be surprised if you don't see them again, just when the time is right:) but if you have any advice for me because a really dark shadow is in my room at the moment and wherever I look it follows my vision and stays in the center. I have tried posting a story but nobody has replied so now I'm looking for people with the same experience, it really hurts when they try to take my heart... Please, if you have any advice about how to stop them, can you help me? Good luck with your thing too:)
Tyler86 (3 stories) (41 posts)
11 years ago (2013-01-09)
I feel as though you have nothing to fear. I've seen my share of black shadow figures, white foggy figures, streams of white light, grey mist and etc. To my knowledge, everything we encounter is projected as a simple manifestation based on how we perceive it to be. Instead of allowing spirit to control you, you must learn to control spirit. Now is a great time for you to learn what you are capable of. I would first recommend you to research how to set up boundaries. If you are unable to have trust in your own will power, not only will spirits test your strength, but so will humans. Believe me when I state that these things that you are seeing have a message for you. In order to open yourself up, you mustn't continuing categorizing things according to the color of their energy. When you think about it a color is nothing more than a fraction of all colors that make up the whole of one color. Therefore, our individual soul signature can be depicted in the same way. Our physical bodies may appear to have different forms, colors and shapes, but what matters most is what resides within the core of each physical being. The next time you encounter something you are unsure of, remind yourself that each encounter is a test. Each encounter is a test of your readiness to progress further along this journey you signed up for prior to being incarnated back unto Earth. Quite your mind, examine your core, get to know who you are and allow yourself to tap into the knowledge and wisdom of your soul. If you are not developed, physically, mentally and spiritual, you will only be limiting yourself from receiving those messages your guides have for you at this time.

I wish you the best of luck.

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