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I didn't think that anyone could understand what I am going through until I found this site. I am 19 years old. For a few years, I've briefly seen people who I think are dead. It just happens randomly and really quick.

One time, I was driving and looked in the mirror. In the back seat I saw a boy who was hugging his knee's. He was pale and I realized he had died. Then I realized that boy was my brother. Then, a year or two after that, my brother and I were playing a game, I briefly looked up at him and saw that his face was all bloody. A few weeks later my dog bit him in the face and he had to get about 100 or so stitches.

I keep seeing the dead. But it happens so fast it makes me question whether or not it's really there. My brother is still alive thank god.

Another experience was me suffocating. At that moment I thought I was having a panic attack, but it felt like I was being held under water and I couldn't breathe. This has never happened to me before.

When my family and I were house hunting, we were driving around a corner and I saw this boy walking. His head was down but he was walking in a way that didn't seem normal. When I took a really good look at him I saw that his feet weren't really touching the pavement. He was pale too and I tired to show my parents but they said there was no one there.

Also, when I brush my teeth in the bathroom I keep seeing someone in a white dress that looks like my mother. She moves really quickly as if she's running from something.

When I was turning on the TV I saw something and it was behind me, but when I looked there was nothing there.

I get these really bad headaches daily. I randomly get them and they hurt really bad. I had a test done and turns out I didn't have anything in my head. But I still get them and meds can't take them away.

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