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Visions Of Death


So, I don't know what's happening to me.

I'm getting so desperate to figure this out.

I think I can see the dead. Or maybe I can see how someone Is going to die. I don't know how to explain myself. So if i'm having a chat with someone, and I look away and then quickly look back at their face I could see things like, their face being burned or disfigured, Or they would have a pale face and look really dead once I look away again or blink they go back to normal and I'm sitting there gaping at them.

I've been having really bad headaches everyday too. I feel them at the back of the bottom of my head. I've gotten tons of tests done and the doctors say that it is normal. But where are they coming from? I feel like when I strain myself and I feel under pressure for only a few minutes it comes really bad.

Sometimes I can't sleep at night. Other times I get this bone chilling feeling, like the cold is so intense deep inside my bones that I can't shake it off.

I can predict things too, like when my moms phone is going to vibrate I go upstairs and I tell her, someone is calling you. Two seconds later her phone is ringing.

A few weeks ago, a hanger in my closet moved by itself. I thought that a shirt had fallen or something but there was nothing near that certain hanger and I checked the bottom of the closet and there was nothing.

I have this bathroom inside my bed room and I could have sworn I saw a shadow in the bathroom.

So I don't know what's going on with me but I need some serious help trying to figure this out. I could sense the dead and I think I have visions of what's going to happen to a person in the present/future. For example, I saw blood all over my friends face one time when I quickly looked at him, and a few weeks or a month later he had gotten into a really bad fight.

Also, every time i'm in my bed room I could feel that I'm not alone. That someone is actually here with me.

I want to enhance these abilities, but first I would have to figure this out. Am I just crazy and seeing things that aren't really there? What kind of ability is this? DO I even have abilities?

There are so many questions and experiences that I have had and I feel like i'm done ignoring them I need to face the fact that I can see how someone is going to die/get hurt.

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Loveang21 (4 stories) (1 posts)
8 years ago (2013-01-13)
Thanks so much. I really appreciate the support. I'm glad there are people out there that can relate to what I have. 😁 ❤
caramelapple44 (2 stories) (1 posts)
8 years ago (2013-01-12)
So I'm going to start off saying I'm a psychic, and I'm new at it, but I can pretty much guarantee you are one too. You have premonitions, which is what I get. I also know when people will die, the death dates of them, and occasionally I know how they will die too. It's really creepy, and it might scare you for a while, but you get used to it. I remember I went into complete shock for two days and couldn't go to school when I predicted my uncles death, which was also the first major premonition I had. And you get the headaches to?! I have extremely bad headaches everyday at around the bottom of my head and they only go away by themselves- pain medication won't work on them 😢. I know when my phone will ring too, like I'll reach for it and then it'll ring. After my uncle died, about three weeks afterwards my mom was in my room and my closet was open and a hanger flew out of it and onto the floor. I thought it was funny how you said a hanger moved in your closet too, maybe spirits like our clothes? Haha, anyways I can sense spirits, and sometimes I see them quickly in my house. I can feel a shift in the air when they enter a room I'm in. Unfortunatly I have no idea how to enhance abilities, I posted this comment so you might feel there's someone who you can remotely relate to who can see death and spirits, and not be freaked out by it. But I do believe you are a psychic! Good luck with your abilities 😁

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