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Is It A Sixth Sense


So I think I might have a sixth sense and I believe i've had it for a while now. I think that I could sense when someone is going to get hurt or is in danger. I have seen things before and it is scary but I feel like I can somehow help the people that I see.

Sometimes it's just flashes out of no where. Random flashes of people that look back at me but aren't really there. I don't really know who to talk about this with because they might think i'm just insane and I see things that aren't there.

I believe I have the ability to see something that's impending. I want to know how to work with this ability and be able to enhance it. Sometimes I try to meditate but I feel like that doesn't help me at all.

Also, I had seen this boy one time and as I looked at him I could tell that he was going to die in a certain way. I didn't know this boy so unfortunately I couldn't help him. If only I knew the people that I see.

Another thing is, this doesn't happen very often and I want it to because that way I know what's real or not. I believe that this runs in my family because my mom can see the dead also. I have a more enhanced ability then she does.

Once when we were in a cab she thought she saw her mom (my grandma) walking down the street towards her house. She had her hands by her sides and she was just walking, looking straight ahead. But she wasn't there because when we got home my grandma was in the kitchen cooking. Now, she's really ill and losing weight too quickly and she isn't even that old.

If I do have what I think I do then I need some help trying to figure everything out. How to enhance it and control it also, because seeing someone who's going to die before they do can drive someone nuts.

I just need someone to clarify for me what's going on and what to do next.

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