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Spirits Following And Touching Me, Reading My Mind


I have always been a total sceptic about spirits (ghosts) until the last week. I have always felt something pulling my feet and the duvet tight over me but ignored it. Recently something was touching my face and neck I laid still and let it happen. The duvet was covering my mouth but not my eyes, I couldn't see anything but the quilt cover felt weighted down. For some reason I stuck my tongue out and pushed against the quilt cover I felt a finger on the other side of the quilt pushing my tongue. This went on for some time until I sat up covered my hand with a pillow case, something that felt like a hand touched me. I have been doing this now for a week but not just at home. Everywhere I go I feel something like electricity I say in my head are you there? Touch my nose if you are. Every time someone touches my nose and we end up talking using yes and no. Someone sleeps in my bed with me and I can feel them hug me even wrap the duvet round me tight. The touches are getting stronger everyday and I'm communicating better with whatever it is... I'm confused its taking over my life it's with me everywhere what can I do? My girlfriend can see what it does with the duvet and is scared.

I can't wait to get home and try communicate every day but its quite scary when the duvet gets wrapped round me.

Even if I just pick up a towel something moves it while its in my hand.

I keep thinking I'm going mad but this is really happening they even stroke and massage my face

For some reason it's more powerful on a morning when I wake and can push the pillow down if I lift it.

Sometimes I feel I can communicate well but then sometimes what I think they are telling me doesn't make sense. This is so new to me I don't know what to think or who to talk to, I don't want people thinking I'm crazy.

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Rosetta1 (1 stories) (76 posts)
10 years ago (2013-01-22)
My email address [at] exactly. It could be that your father may have a twin spirit, which is very rare. Sometimes two spirits are so alike (like regual baby twins) that its difficult or even impossible to tell them apart. For example, I have a Soul sister, which means that she's similar to me in so many ways that it's unnatural. We come from diiferent states, different families, different ways of doing certain things, but understand each other on a high physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental level. And it ma y be that his prescence her on earth is coming to an end. I'm sorry but that's the only reason I can think of for it to be difficult for him to write for you. 😊 Any more questions, you just post up here or send me an email. Reply anytime. 😊 ❤
Richlanco (1 stories) (4 posts)
10 years ago (2013-01-19)
He said he's my father and has some advice for me but sometimes it gets too much what he's telling me and I have to stop. I feel in more control now but at 1st every night he would put pressure on my duvet so it felt like someone was pushing it. I constantly have a cold static feeling on my face when he's here and we usually comunicate by yes and no, no he touches my lips and yes he touches my mouth. If I hold a pen lightly he can write but sometimes it's hard.
The thing that puzzles me is I can talk to him anywhere and some times I don't think it's him.
I have been speaking to others I think but can't tell the difference between them.
Will I get better at this and better at communicating? I tried to concentrate to hear his voice last night for ages we was trying. It felt like blood was rushing to my face and my ears were tingling.
Am I doing the right thing? What can I do to comunicate better?
Richlanco (1 stories) (4 posts)
10 years ago (2013-01-19)
He has told me why he is here and that he is staying with me for a while. If I'm honest some of the things he has told me have scared the life out of me. At 1st he was always there and I couldn't really control it but now I seem to be in control and can talk whenever I want. If he's not there the second I think of him I can feel his presence and cold air on my face. If I could have your email that would be amazing because I have no one to talk to about this and it's all new, also some of the things he has told me I don't want to put on here. Thanks
Lydiahahaha (2 stories) (11 posts)
10 years ago (2013-01-18)
do you know if this spirit was a male or female? If anyone in your life recently passed away? You mention they hug you... I don't know if it's affectionate... But I recently read up about twin flames/soul mates sometimes one flame/soul mate doesn't incarnate for their flame in a lifetime... Could be that... It could be someone in your past life... Could be anyone but I hope it's nothing demonic...
Rosetta1 (1 stories) (76 posts)
10 years ago (2013-01-18)
LEtting him speak is good, but make sure that he knows that you won't always allow him to speak to you, as you may be in a unpleasant mood or something like that. Also, spirits tend to stick close to people they knew when they were living, especially those who were close or important to them like a friend or family member. Sometimes I hear or maybe even see and sense my grandmother, who died when my mom was 13, before I was even born. Since I was a kid she always watched over, though I didn't know it at the time. Beofre I can say further, please answer a few questions (nothing personal or big, just to help get a better picture of the situation). DOes he warn you when he wishes to speak, do you just know, or does just try to start writing himself? Does he react certain things in a certain way? And does he disappear from time to time, maybe at a specific time and/or a specific day? Knowing a spirit's habits can hel you understand them and their reason for being here. I hope that you can answer my questions and wish for this information to help you somehow. If you hjave any more questions or wish to ask me something you don't want seen by others, tell me so I may give you my email address. Pleasure to be of service ❤ 😆 😊
Richlanco (1 stories) (4 posts)
10 years ago (2013-01-18)
It's with me all the time I have started writing everything down.
He said he is my father and had a message to me. I talk to him by using yes or no. Also I have started lightly holding a pen and he writes. It's all new but very addictive and help or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
Rosetta1 (1 stories) (76 posts)
10 years ago (2013-01-14)
The whole reason for this website I believe is so others can assure you that you're NOT crazy. ANd I'm curious to knoe if you believe the spirit to be male or female. It sounds like a nice spirit. I naturally attract spirits, so I can differentiate the differences between one and another naturally. I can mentally track them also, incase they try to stir up trouble (though that rarely happens). If you would like to see the spirit in person, try asking it to enter your dreams next time. Most spirits can enter dreams. ANd if I'm not mistaken, you can somehow sense its movements, am I right? 😊 That's a very good thing, since you might want to watch it incase.

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