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Figuring The Future


I think that I'm a emphath. Ever since I can remember my dreams have had a huge influence in my life. Almost more of the feelings I experience in my dreams that impact me more. In the last few months some of the dreams that I had a long time ago have been happening more and more often. I'm thankful that the feelings are good and of opportunity, but I'm having trouble piecing them together. I've found that I can remember many of my dreams now before they happen, but the specific time of them is flawed.

I believe that the dreams that have been happening to me can be decoded through the feelings I experience in them vs the feelings I am experiencing in my conscious life. Unfortunately I cannot change the events that unfold in my dream; or maybe I'm just not quick enough to change the events occurring. With some meditation I can glimpse places I will one day go. Although I don't mind the fate I have, I wish I had more control in my life.

When I was a child my first memory was waking up in the middle of the night. I knew my age (3) as well as my family and relatively where I was in the world. I had a dream that night that I still cannot remember consciously but it had immediately had me asking many questions. I felt confused in why I was here and felt off from the world for a while. Through the years until I was around 15 I had many dreams that I felt to be important but never cared enough to ask questions. It wasn't until one day at school when for about 10 seconds I new exactly everything that was going to happen. This gave me a chill, but also a feeling that I can't describe. Almost as though I had crossed into some sort of field which let me recall the dream. After that I asked my sister what she thought of what I experienced and she told me that the same kind of thing happened to her before as well. She agrees that her dreams have also been happening more and more often, and we were hoping that someone might have an explanation.

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