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Visions, Prophecy, Ethereal Music. What's My Ability?


I'm looking for help on what to do next. I've read some of the other stories in this forum and my situation, I'll admit, is rather bland and not very exciting in comparison. I believe I'm psychic, to what extent? I'm not very sure. For starters, here are my psychic experiences.

Ever since I was young I would meet people and either feel like I knew them already or know if they were bad news (of course I was a little kid and adults didn't really listen to my precognition) so I'd just watch as whatever vibe I got played out. (ex- some of the people with bad vibes turned out to be crooks, drug/alcohol addicts, stalkers, and others even ended up going to jail soon after I met them) Oh! Also whenever I'd get lost in large places or jungle-ish areas, my body would go on autopilot and all of a sudden I'd find everyone again. Usually I'm extremely directionally challenged though.

Eventually, I started getting "dream visions," I'd dream of places I wouldn't see until years or days later (I still do), and sometimes I've even dreamed of things from long ago. For example this summer I went to visit some Aztec pyramids, something that wasn't decided until the day before we went; when we saw the ruins I immediately recognized it from a dream, a dream where it was still in pristine condition and surrounded by a battle of some sort. Unfortunately I don't know much more about that pyramid or the battle since the information plaque revealed that not much has been found out about the pyramid since its discovery 100 years ago. Not to mention that I can see people shaped shadows?

And wait, there's more! It seems that when I zone out I sing prophetic songs, how do I know this is true? Somehow I predicted two of my family member's deaths a few months before they passed away through songs I wasn't aware I'd been singing until people pointed them out. I think I might be attuned to music? Sometimes I can hear divine music from out of nowhere that no one else can hear. It's a LOT better than Mozart or Beethoven let me say.

Now we've finally almost reached the conclusion, I've actually had waking visions. Unfortunately only two. During these visions I lose all control of my body, the vision superimposes itself on whatever I might be looking at, and when I come out of them, at least an hour or two has passed.

In my first vision it I was inside my classmate's body. I watched as the doorbell rang and her sister answered the door coming back in with two other girls. The next day I asked her if she'd had two friends come over and she told me exactly what I'd seen, right down to the time and what they'd been wearing.

My next vision is actually a few days recent, in the middle of doing my homework I started hearing some of that unearthly music. I tried to block it out, but it only got louder until all of a sudden I couldn't move and what I saw isn't what was there. More abstract than the last vision, this time I saw oceans and fish; nets and rocky reefs; a large wooden door engraved with what looked like religious symbols and what seemed to be my old home; and all the while the music continued to play forcing me to watch the vision. Later I told my mother about it and she told me she'd rented our old home to a church located in by the seaside so they could host retreats. I'm not too sure that was the main message of the vision, but who knows?

Well, that's the end of my semi-long tale! I was hoping someone could help me identify my abilities and how to maybe develop them further? I have researched to an extent, but I usually end up at dead ends (websites where I have to pay to learn more or filled with some occult references). I'm still a high school student in an area where anything psychic or semi-supernatural is met with skepticism by all but great-grandmothers so I haven't really found much help. I would really appreciate any information anyone could give me.

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cloudess (2 stories) (35 posts)
10 years ago (2013-01-30)
Well, in that case, try to either keep around good energy people more or shield.
RedOceanus (1 stories) (3 posts)
10 years ago (2013-01-29)
o: Thank you I'll take a look, and sort of, If I'm forced to be near those bad vibe people I usually get sick until I've hung out with someone with good vibes.
cloudess (2 stories) (35 posts)
10 years ago (2013-01-29)
Well I'll try to explain some stuff as best as I can, I'm not an expert on all of this. First, the people-shaped shadows, those are what we would call shadow people, (the name says it all), some people believe that they are lost souls, whether as other believe that they are visitors from another dimension. Either way the majority of them are harmless, more curious than anything. Although do be careful, some have been known to bother or harm people. If you want them to go away use shielding, and if you don't know what that is, look it up. I'd explain shielding myself, but I'm not really an expert. The prophetic songs I would guess that either you are channeling from another dimension, or your guides are telling you this while you are zoned out. The visions, this seems to be the biggest one, well I can easily say that you are Clairvoyant. The dream visions are just another way to see into the future. By the way if you want to know what Clairvoyance means, look in the article section of this website, they have some stuff that can help you understand all of this. Also the "knowing this guy is bad news" thing, did you "know" right away that this guy is bad news, or was it more like, I'm picking off bad vibes from this guy. Which ever way it is, it is one of the clair's, I'd list them here except just go to the article, Types of Abilities on this website, it will explain all of them. So just to review, even though you have to decide, are these my abilities or not, this is what I think. Clairvoyance, another clair, (look those up), and Channeling. But it doesn't have to stop with your natural abilities, you can do what ever you want, so long as you work on it with dedication.

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