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I Sense Dangers And Misgivings


I am not someone who is interested in psychic abilities, I am not someone who has spent years researching techniques to achieve such abilities or experiences. With that being said I need help. Help in Understanding these events. Says a few other psychics I am a natural psychic. I sense dangers and misgivings from other people and scenarios which I'm not entirely open to. It's either my higher self or spirit guides. I can't seem to figure out what they want. It's slightly pestering. I've bought books and am doing research but all I'm getting now is headaches/migraines. Don't know if this is psychic attacks or psychic energy or blockages being removed? I believe I do have some sensitivity to the unknown and unseen but don't understand the motivation why I'm constantly being forewarned and contacted. I am grateful for their assistance but it makes me feel incompetent like I can't make decisions on my own. A psychic stated the presence of my dead grandmother who I've never known. I'm not a saint but there is no personal bad habits I partake in other than an overwhelming sense of loneliness, so I wonder am I inviting them into my life to assist me? Other times they seem to comfort me as I feel the sensation of being rubbed on my upper arms and a ringing in my ears. I'm disrupted from my sleep. Clocks speed up a hour. Bible pages turn. There is tapping on the walls, smell of ammonia, dark shadows on the floor, things moving on their own, lights flickering, door knobs jingling without touch, heart palpitations, lucid dreams... Leading to deja vu's, physical impulses relating to right or wrong things such as people, places and impeding decisions somewhat relating to me.

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Newbiepsychic (109 posts)
11 years ago (2013-01-31)
I didn't ask for it either, I actually think most people don't. Fossilera gave you good advice. Only a couple of things I might add that might help...

If it frightens you, you can ask to only be contacted in your dreams, and ask that it only be "good and positive", nothing negative. You may have things revealed to you this way much easier as to why you are being bothered with this.
I know this is hard to do but attempt to feel no fear when things occur.

I know it can be frightening and unwanted but if you do try accept that for some reason it is happening to you, it is likely happening for good reasons, good things, not bad. If you ask for it always to be good and positive connections, it will be.

The headaches can be part of it but can also be caused by a lot of other things, look at your diet, stress in your life, posture first before assuming it has anything to do with this topic.

Try and go with it with the advice we've given you and by reading up on things here on this site... This is a good community of people experiencing a lot of the same things you are and a lot did not seek it either... Keep in touch with us and we can all try to help you through this:)

fossilera (4 stories) (124 posts)
11 years ago (2013-01-30)
Hey Minner,

I'll cut right to the chase - My background sounds similar. Like you, I've been "guided" throughout most of my life (still am today). You shouldn't feel "incompetent" because of the guidance, as it's still your decision to listen or not.

You can either look at it as a hindrance, or try seeing it this way: Someone (or something) is trying to keep you alive for some reason. If you get bad feelings about someone - it could be your own intuition telling you to steer clear. If you feel that you shouldn't go somewhere, then there's probably a good reason for doing it. Maybe it's that you have something important to offer the world, or that your "mission" in life hasn't been accomplished yet.

If you're desperate to "turn it all off" (which I don't advise), then try to look into shielding (There's a few good articles on here) - this can be used to "tune out" the contact and unwanted items.


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