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Sleep Paralysis Or Something More?


About a year ago my family and I took a trip to a haunted hotel in Gettysburg MD. Now before this I had this thing happen to me where as I began to fall asleep I would hear voices and noises, usually one of the voices would yell my name and I'd be shocked into waking up even before I'd fully gone to sleep. Something stranger happened the night we stayed at this hotel. It was just me and my brothers, my parents were in another room, my brothers shared a king bed and I got a cot at the foot of it. Soon after I started to go to sleep I felt a rush of warmth over my body, then a loud rumbling noise in my head, I couldn't move, I tried to open my eyes but the lids seemed to weigh a hundred pounds, by that time I was fully awake but trapped inside my own body. Then I heard a voice, two actually, they sounded like children. One of them said "we like you. You're warmer than the others" then they laughed. I was freaking out, nothing like this had ever happened before, so I yelled in my head for them to get out and go away, they laughed some more and eventually it stopped, but I didn't sleep the rest of the night. Ever since then, anytime I go to sleep this happens and I have a strange experience each time, but those two voices never appeared again. The second time it happened I was napping on my couch and it started, same rumbling noise every time, and then the sound of a rocking chair going very fast, and yes there is a rocking chair next to my couch, then a woman's voice screaming "what do you want?!" Over and over again. Each time I have to let it stop on its own.

Then I noticed a trend, it would only happen when I either was sleeping in a strange place, or napping during the day. I realized that the difference between these times and when I sleep in my bedroom at night is that every night I perform a protective cleanse over my room.

What do you think this is? Could it be some sort of channelling? I might post this in the ghost section if anyone thinks they could tell me what this is.

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merkaba (9 posts)
11 years ago (2013-06-30)
I was having episodes at the apartment I'm in now Baxter in high school (I'm 25) and I mostly got stuck on my living room couch just like when I was younger, just another location...
(this only occurs when I don't meditate for a long time but when I do meditate, I get obsessed and every chance I get I do it, then because of this I experience wierd powers that freak me out and throw me back to my no meditation mind state then it all loops back over...)
I asked my classmates and a good 10 of them experienced this... One of my female classmates told me that they were spirit vampires and I had to curse them using profanity... I got stuck the following night and telepathically cursed at nothing (at least I thought)
At that moment three in sync different tones of voices screamed so loud my body trembled with fear and my usual method of leaving wasn't working (when I stop trying to break free it let's me go) so I repeated I was sorry and ill never do it again... I had to feel my sincerity because it let me go, but when I get out I'm fully conscious but my I can barely lift my torso but I must, for if I don't I'd usually wind up in the whole process all over again. (Yes I have had multiple occurrences in one night, I once had four) ...and I was full of tears
merkaba (9 posts)
11 years ago (2013-06-30)
I've had these all through my childhood, I started meditating at 8/9 because of this and that stopped everything I only heard the laughing the first time also but I also seen a vision along with it... There were two cabbage patch dolls on black and one white on a grassy green field, they looked at me and laughed then, when I tried to scream I watched a 3 dimensional real-space volume bar appear then turn down... My scream went with it!,
Later I was bit by a strange mumbling spider and my underwear started changing color before my eyes, from here on my whole life was filled with unusual events and abillites...I'm not crazy my father and grandmother also experienced unusual activites in my old apartment but my grandmother never believed me about the talking spider

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