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A Spirit Entered My Body


Being Clairsentient, I am able to sense and physically feel spirit energies. We communicate by having them touch me on my shoulders to answer either, yes or no. My guides touch my right shoulder to say hello and confirm their presence. However, this time it was different. Something tried to overcome my body and the worst part was, I could feel it trying to get inside me. What is going on? Am I evolving into a medium?

After a few hours of sitting at my computer desk, I became surrounded by energies from all areas of my room. I could feel them. I could sense them. They were pulsating at a speed similar to the beating of my heart in fear. I closed my eyes and tried to shun what it was I was encountering. A spirit slowly began to rub my arm. Another placed its hands upon my shoulders. What was happening? What was I going through? I then felt something enter my body. I felt a spirit slide itself into my arms. My arms began to pulsate. I could actually feel the spirit within me. My arms felt light. They felt as though they were vibrating with energy. I then felt it enter my legs, as the soles of my feet began to pulsate. I quickly moved them, but no matter where I placed them, the floor beneath them would soon take on the same vibration as before. There was nowhere to hide. Something was entering my body and there was nothing I could do to stop it. Was I becoming possessed? Was something trying to take over my body? What was going to happen to my soul? The fear was taking over me. I felt scared, alone and hopeless.

I quickly jumped in fright. I ran down the hallway which led to the front door. Once I got outside I began running in a circular motion with one hand on my head and another on the back of my neck. As I ran I could feel the spirit inside my legs and inside my arms. It was like the spirit was trying to wear me as clothes. The only part of me that was not invaded by the spirit was my torso, neck and head. I figured if I blocked my crown chakra and throat chakra that it would not succeed in getting inside me completely. Blocking those chakras is the only thing that made sense to me. I continued running in circles. In the eyes of my neighbors I was sure to be seen as a maniac, one whom had consumed too many drugs after a night of over indulgence in various party favors. I didn't care. I was scared. I knew what I was feeling and I didn't want to become possessed by something evil. My soul was of light and I was not giving in. No, not this time.

I didn't know what was happening to me, but I thought it was kind of weird how it wasn't controlling me. I figured since it was inside my arms and legs that it would move my arms and legs in the direction it wanted, but nope. All it did was pulsate. My arms and legs just felt as though they were asleep and I was trying to wake them up. You know, that tingling sensation that overwhelms a body party after being asleep for sometime. It wasn't anything scary, but still I had never experienced this before. I can remember looking off into the distance and seeing words in the shape of a novel overtake my vision. I could still see the physical plane and everything residing upon it, but these invisible words were projected over everything. The words I could not read. They were there, but reading them was impossible. What were these words? What were they trying to tell me?

After visiting a church and sprinkling myself with enormous amounts of holy water, I brought myself back home. I brought myself back to the place in which the encounter of this possession first began. Was I safe here? Was I going to make it out alive? The answers were unknown, but I had to eat. I figured that eating would help ground my energy. It would hep ground my body. SO, my mom fixed me a bowl of gumbo. Picture me trying to eat the gumbo while still keeping my hand on my head. I kept my head covered, because as soon as I would move it, I swear I could feel something touching the top of my head. Like I said before, I wasn't letting anything get inside of me, especially my head. I finished the gumbo and took the couches offer to gift me with sleep.

I was tired and needed to rest. I needed the sleep. As soon as I closed my eyes, I felt this intense heat coming from the couch. It started off warm and got warmer and warmer. It eventually became so hot that I had to my arm. I then felt this strong vibration by my feet. The vibration was so strong that my feet were moving on their own. It wasn't inside of me, but externally. It's like my feet were in this bubble of energy that had its own pulse. I dropped the fear and allowed it to happen. Within a few minutes I felt hands touch my feet within this vibrating energy. I thought to myself, okay, so the pulsating energy is this spirits energy and its hands are its own. It was weird, but I didn't fear this spirit. It just wanted to touch my feet. Maybe it wanted to give me a nice massage. It quickly went away.

I was getting comfortable again. I was no longer scared. I closed my eyes and began speaking to my angels and guides. Sleep is what I needed and rest was much needed. I swear I was almost sleeping when I felt a piece of my hair pulled out of my head. It was yanked from my scalp on the front row above my forehead. It didn't hurt, but yet again I was scared. Why was all of this happening? What is the reason behind all of this? All I did was beg to not have my hair pulled out again and soon after I was asleep.

Sometimes we experience things merely to test our level of fear.

There is truly nothing to fear as long as all is seen as love with love for love

I recently learned from a medium friend that what I experienced was normal. He stated that every medium experiences some sort of paranormal encounter that brings them to fear the unknown. It is all a part of spiritual growth. He also said that the hot energy was, either a guardian angel or ascended master. He said that our spirit guides have the same energy temperature as our own and that newly deceased spirits have cold energies. This comforted me. I am not sure if I passed this test, but passing this test wasn't important. Growing in knowledge is what matters most. To know the difference between fear and love is the true reward in this experience. I thank you guides, guardian angels and ascended masters for taking the time to teach me this valuable lesson.

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bsuttles3922 (2 stories) (165 posts)
5 years ago (2015-06-08)
Your not a medium, you simply just sensed your first malevolent spirit. Trust me id know.
Dncng (1 posts)
5 years ago (2014-10-29)
Thank you for this post! Really made me feel assured I was not going crazy. I have felt the same feelings 4 times in my life but as a Christian I have felt confused that I am encountering some evil spirit like the kind you see on TV. I know it may be a gift but I don't know how to control it and I panic. My husband is VERY spiritual and is from Cuba (that sums it up there) and thought he was "rubbing" off on me but maybe it's a gift and I shouldn't be afraid of it. Anyways I appreciate your post because it is completely relatable!:) thanks again!
Joni437 (guest)
6 years ago (2014-01-12)
Hi Tyler,

I happened upon your post, neat happenings... And most probably because you hadn't eaten allowed your energies/chakras to open up and speed up.

Not too long ago I read where this lady was told by her guides to go outside to the area of mountains near her work, so she did and they told her to bring a cup of coffee with her... In moments she began to see figures of integrated light like beings coming from all parts of the mountains towards her then they surrounded her by telling her through her mind to receive the energy they were going to give her... The energy was so intense she vibrated and pulsed so much they told her to drink from the cup of coffee afterwards to help calm her, it worked and she couldn't wait to come back in to work to share her experience.

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