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I recently went to a medium to ask one question, because I recently started feeling spirits touch me. In the end, she gave me a free reading.

She said that my aura/energy is pure and it attracts spirits. She said I am a healer and that my energy heals. She said something about my ability being rare, since I am a male. She also stated that once I release this spirit that something great is to come and that if I opened up a healing practice that it would be successful. However, she didn't give me all the answers. All she could do was smile.

Anyway, this is my story. I tried to make it as brief, as possible.

My name is Tyler Hebert. I am 25 years of age. I think I am a clairsentient/healer/empath. < A medium told me this.

My abilities are strong, but I fear I am not in control of them. I am in need of answers.

People come to me for guidance. If people have abilities, after meeting me, their abilities decrease and mine increase. They go through self-reflection and I find myself understanding more of who I am. < Why is this?

I recently started feeling spirits touch me. I mean touch me, like I can feel a hand print. Each touch is different. Some just place their hands on my body and leave them there. Some rub me and poke me, while some grab my waist and squeeze. < It usually tickles. NO touch is ever something I fear, which is why I feel them more and more.

Here is my story:

One day I was sitting at my computer while meditating and I felt a hand touch my right shoulder. The same hand then started to rub my shoulder in a circular motion. I did not feel threatened, because It was warm and it felt peaceful. I was never alarmed. I figured it was my spirit guide showing his presence for the first time. Yes, this was the first time I had ever felt a spirit touch me. I could always sense them, but never felt them. I mean the hand felt like a hand. I could feel the fingers and the palm. However, time went on and I started feeling more and more touching. I can tell when the touch is from a spirit other than the one that lays on my right shoulder. It's weird how each touch is different. Some are warm. Some are cold. Some feel like vibrations and others like electricity. Some rub. Some feel like two fingers running across my body. Some feel like a hand and then a finger going up and down as though they are waiting patiently for something, kind of like your hands on the keypad of a computer and you tap your pointer finger up and down as you think of what to write. Anyhow, one day while one was rubbing my left shoulder, I tried to ignore it. All of a sudden it poked me. Like poked me. I was like, oh my gosh. It scared me and I started to ignore all the touches and tried to stray from my room which is where I always felt touching. But as you know there is no way to run from the touches.

There is one that rubs my butt. Sometimes I can be standing in my room in my underwear and it will grab my underwear and pull them in the opposite direction. It's never rough, always gentle. I think the one that touches my butt is the same hand that touched my right shoulder the first time. I think it's my spirit guide, or a spirit I know, that is playing jokes on me. It's the only one I feel very connected with. Maybe I shouldn't, but I do. It even cuddles with me at night, goes shopping with me, goes to the club with me and even comes with me to homes of friends. I know it's there because he will touch the secret spot that is his place to touch to confirm he is with me. Is this normal? Why do I feel so connected to this spirit? Can it be my twin flame? Or just a spirit guide? I used a pendulum and I know it's a male.

I can actually feel the spirits walking on my bed. Sometimes they enter my mattress and push, or poke, from under me. However, there is always one that will lay his head on my pillow and place his arm over me. I feel like it's a sign of protection. His smell is so distinct. And I felt last night that his face has facial hair as it rubbed against my neck.

I can feel them rubbing my back as I use the restroom. I can feel them lay next to me on the couch as I watch tv. Some even jump on the furniture. I can feel the vibrations through the furniture, not see them.

They also keep people out of my room when I am not there. My siblings have spoken of something touching them while they were on my computer. It frightens them and sends them running out of my room. However, its only certain people. I have some friends who go in my room and the spirits never mess with them. Are they protecting my room from negative people?

(One hand is placed on my right side and another is rubbing my back with one finger as I type this.)

I can write more if you need, but I feel that this is enough for now. I just need some answers, as all I can do is feel them. I want to help this spirits, but I lack the ability to communicate with them. Any advice on what I can do? I tried asking for signs and last night I figured out that one of the spirits name is Thomas. I just don't want these spirits to get irritated with me for taking too long to help them or send their message.

Feel free to ask me any questions.

Also, I meditate daily and I use white light protection and always burn white candles.

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MeganDear26 (9 posts)
8 years ago (2012-11-12)
I don't think it's a spirit guid would mak you feel Discomfort I sometimes would feel discomfort but I Do know Spirit can be touchie a lot as for me I would FEEL... Touch on my hand the face the most even I'm singing or chatting with a friend online lol I can sence them near me I would feel cold and warm at the same time I would feel touch back of my neck hair also I know its a Male spirit not a female spirit that would be just plan werid I wouldn't like it at all I always pray to God for discomfort have the male spirit leave me alone but I notice it's not harming me so I just stay calm and trust in God but my guess if a spirit touching you like that it could Incubus sexual spirirt look it up Online on google read morw about it I'm just saying...
Tyler86 (3 stories) (41 posts)
9 years ago (2012-06-20)
Thank you very much for this insightful information. I really appreciate your time to aid me during my journey. I wish the best for you with the highest power of divine light. 😁
PathR (4 stories) (1254 posts)
9 years ago (2012-06-12)
When the reading indicated: rare implies
You have the ying/yang-god&goddess:female/male energy are.

A balanced healer will be able to be objective,
Yet insightful to sense or see the illness.
Also an ability to know/see, or perceive when the client is balanced.

In healing there are areas of healing:
Phyical,mental,emotinal, spiritual.
Some illness the solution and wisdom is within
The individual.
For other the healing can have started in the emotinal
Level then manifest in the physical.
Illness can also be caused by environmental, trauma,
Soul loss, spirit attachments.
No boarders for the individual growing up leaving them
Vulnerable to spiritual influences.
These are just some.

With the activity of the discarnate spirits.
There are various ways to connect: our own guides,
Clairvoyance-seeing spirits.
Clairsentient-body symptoms which is what you are getting. With your method you can ask and hone in on
What you are feeling. Asking a question! How did you die. Then sense do you experience pain which could be
A heart attack.
Using a mirror technique: is sensing what we feel in our own body.
The main focus for helping a discarnate soul is being
Able to help them mentally let go or resolve the situation that holds them down to this earth plane.

Good journey

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