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A Couple Of Events Out Of My Life


So I have no idea what I am I just know I can do more than normal people. Some more newer experiences include, dreaming then seeing my aunt who I don't really talk to. Then waking up with the feeling that something was "off" not sure what it was not a bad feeling per say but it was different so the next morning I called my mother and asked if everyone was ok that I felt unease and how my aunt was. She replied "that's so wired she called this morning about the same thing."

Another thing that's happened that I will not forget is one day I was at my friends house and out of the blue I felt just "off" the same as before so I picked up my phone and called the first name that came to Mind which was my oldest friend and told him whatever was his plans for the evening to cancel them and stay home. He asked me why I told him I just felt "off" he said sure. The next day he calls me and thanks me because I saved him from going to jail he was going to go to a party that got raided by the cops because of under aged drinking.

I also frequently have for lack of a better word Deja vu but they can last from anywhere from a few seconds to a few hours.

One case that I remember most vividly is while at school I lost something vary imp0rntant to an upcoming event and I was running around with my head cut of then out of no where I say to myself Jill has it. So then I was like well where is she. So of course the next thing that pops in to my mind is where she was at. I go up to her and say hey Jill have you seen my award button she Starts to say "so that was you who left that mess." but all she got out was "so that wa..." when I blurted out "yea it was me who made the mess if it still needs to be cleaned ill go clean it but I need that button like right now." She says something along the lines of who did I know what she was going to say and I replied with I had a feeling.

I have a few other talents now that I thank about it but depending on how this post goes or doesn't go. I may or may not talk about them.

I don't know if there's a title for what I can do or who I am I just know that I wish I could do more with it and help more people like I did my friend.

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