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Vivid Dreams That Foreshadow Real-life Experiences


About a year ago, I had a very vivid dream that seemed so real to me and was different from any other dream I had before. Usually I have many short "regular" dreams, but this one just felt so much different in a way I honestly can't explain. Nothing in it was unrealistic at all, and perhaps that was why I felt so much fear that it could happen. It was of an explosion at a factory where my on-again off-again boyfriend works. In the dream, an explosion occurred in the two tall silos to the right of the building. The next day before he went in, I warned him of what I had dreamt. One week to the day that I told him to watch out and be wary of that location of the building, the silos exploded. One person just narrowly escaped as he had just come from being up on the silos, yet thankfully no one was hurt.

I told my mother about this and she said that one of her aunts had dream premonitions of terrible things happening to people she knew and that most of them came true, which led to her not having many friends. She said maybe I was developing the same ability.

A short time later, I had another one of these dreams that just seemed "different" and it was of my boyfriend's car brakes failing and resulting in it being totaled. Months went by with nothing happening until one night he slammed into a buck and could not brake in time to avoid it. His brakes did not fail, but the car was absolutely totaled. Everyone was surprised that neither of us were hurt. This dream was not as spot-on as the first, and the dreams since are not either, but it caused me to start fearing what I would dream next, seeing as how the outcome was still the same as my dream had predicted.

I had no more of those kinds of dreams until very recently. This time, they have come in clusters. About a week or so ago, I started dreaming about very specific things happening to very specific people. I had a dream that two of my friends died and while it has not happened yet, one of them was just in a very bad accident (car flipped) and he was rushed to the hospital. He is still alive, but now I am afraid that something else will happen to him (perhaps as a result of his injuries) and the other people I have had dreams about. As for the other recent dreams, it is a wait and see type deal for now. I am afraid of telling anyone I know personally about these things due to them most likely thinking I am crazy. I will be looking into honing in on this ability, if that is what I am really dealing with.

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dreamgirl21 (10 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-11)
Hi Kello I'm new to this website. Because I'm just like you... I would have dream that come true. Now everyday things would happen and I would remember I had a dream of that event years ago... One day I was taking a nap and I had a dream of my brother that he was in a car accident. After I woke up two hours later my brother came home and I ask him where he was. And he told me someone hit his car when he was on the freeway... Another thing that happen to me was one of my cousin who pass always two years ago. Before she pass away she message me on Facebook saying I miss you and I said I miss you too and hope to see you at our cousin wedding three months after she message me... Than two day after I spoken to her on Facebook, my mom told me she was in a car accident and die... So I don't know what am I... But for some advice maybe you should write down your dream somewhere. And if anyone have any advice for me or know what am I please write back. Thanks
KellO (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-11)
Doll: I try to think positively before I sleep yet my dreams normally end up being negative or extremely unsettling at the least. They have been that way as long as I can remember, the only difference being that they recently started foreshadowing real occurrences. Sometimes I find the more I try to influence my dreams the worse they get. Perhaps my mind works in reverse?

Mazab84: I too can have peaceful (which usually translates to dreamless) sleep for months only for horrible dreams to reappear. I believe that my dream state is highly affected by spirits of some sort because as a child the house I grew up in where my nightmares were the worst was believed to be haunted. Things moved by themselves, electronics malfunctioned while in seemingly perfect working order, and even my father who is very skeptical heard and smelled things that cannot be explained (while he was in the house alone). I used to have nightmares of people I loved dying and I was always the one to find the bodies. Of course, none of these came true, but once I left that house, I never had those types of dreams anymore. Perhaps the types of spirit then was only being a nuisance while there is a more helpful spirit where I am living now?
I was hoping to get in tune with myself through meditation to strengthen my control over this as I have heard that is very helpful.
Thus far, I have not had any large scale premonitions. Only people I know very well or have been close to in the past. Also, the only premonitions to date have had bad outcomes. I have not predicted one good thing yet. I do experience deja vu quite often, but I cannot link it back to a dream, just more of a feeling of knowing the conversation/situation.
mazab84 (2 stories) (71 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-11)
I too have had many premonition like dreams. Some are just mundane others are very distressing. Then you have the time that lapses between the dream & the actual event. My dreams can be really confusing as you don't know if they are going to play out as you dreamt it or if its more symbolic.

This must be awful for you. I do agree that positive reinforcement is a good thing to try & apply. I can personally have a couple of months of pleasant sleep followed by a dream that is so detailed & overwhelming it rocks me to my foundation. I used to cry hysterically & wonder what was going on with me. Now I stay calm, log it in my dream diary & try to make as much sense of it as possible. I rarely tell people of what I dream.

It is more common to recieve messages & warnings whilst asleep. Its easier for spirit to communicate then. However like you I don't know of a way to make it stop or control it. I have just learnt to accept it I guess.

Have you had premonitions about events & people that arent related to you? On a more worldwide level or is it always friends & those close to you? Same with the reverse, do you see things in your dream that happen days later that aren't so disturbing? Like normal day to day things? Bumping into a ling lost friend, or having the same conversation you dreamt of? Just curious.

doll (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-09)
Focus on telling yourself " I'm going to have good dreams about people-no more bad dreams".I hear that if you keep telling yourself positive things and stop thinking about the last recent bad dream etc... Many times it ends up working. Mind is a powerful.

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